I'd catch a grenade for this! (Well..almost)

I received a free brand sample from #ShopperArmy to try. This is My Black is Beautiful's conditioning cream. Now given my hair is 4c so it's not exactly for my hair, but pretty darn close considering most products are one-hair-fits-all hair ties. 

To start with I'm 😍 this packaging! From the matte black to the glossy black writing in the background to the foiled teal and gold writing. This really makes a statement. The pump also delivers a precise amount of the product. 

Now, if you didn't read the golden milk part or don't know what it is (Yummy!! But don't drink this.) don't be shocked when this comes out yellow. I know. Not appealing. It does smell good though and it really does contain tumeric and honey. It's also free of sulfates and parablens. The downside is this isn't natural so it contains silicones and alcohol. Those ingredients are pretty common in non-natural products and it gives it a silky smooth feeling. 

Overall this product went on nicely! My hair was softer and though it wasn't more moistured, it worked well if I just applied aloe vera to my hair first or used it when my hair is wet. 

Out of 5 hearts, I would give this a solid 💜💜💜💜 

Price: ~ $14 for a 6.3 oz pump bottle.

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  • Micheala

    I could use this

  • sally peabody

    I love the name of this post ! I do like that song....This a a super review. I have found that many hair products made for your hair type work to strengthen and grow my hair. I have blond straight hair and very light skin. So I am just saying I tend to use these products like a mask or sleep with it in my hair because it looks too oily. It works ! Castor oil in another amazing find for me. I even use it on my eyelashes. Great review and trust me this will do wonders for my hair type as well. Thank you...I am still smiling at the title...

  • Ann Thomas

    It really looks a luxurious product. I do not have curly hair but sometimes I I am buying products regardless for what type hair they are for.