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In May at the New York City show last year, I stopped by the Pur-lisse (Purlisse is how it’s now shown on products and on the brand website, FYI) booth, curious about this brand based on “Asian wisdom.” Its founder is Jennifer Yen, a former actress who starred in Power Rangers.
🌞 Ingredients - The ingredients of this BB Cream really piqued my interest. Especially the chamomile, which has a calming effect. As you already know, if you’ve read my foundation and skincare posts in the past, I manage rosacea and eczema, and I seek out products that will provide great coverage, with minimal breakdown, that won’t make me break out.
🌞 Shade - I worried Light would be too dark for my skin tone but it is a great match; at the time I bought it, I believe there were only five shades, maybe four – so I was curious if a shade lighter would be an even better match. I really think Light works well for me, though!
🌞 Wear - What I love about this BB Cream is how long-lasting it is – it doesn’t move. It doesn’t breakdown on my nose, like a lot of foundations tend to do. I have very little breakdown of my makeup overall at the end of the day, which makes this an easy choice, so my skin looks good day and night. I’d say my chin does breakdown a bit, from touching it. But my makeup looks good at 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.!
🌞 Skin type - My skin can be combination – leaning towards greasy around the nose, dry on my cheeks and forehead. I also can wear this during very hot temperatures, and cooler temperatures, with no real change in performance/appearance. That’s awesome, because I have certain foundations I know perform better in warmer or cooler temps with my skin.
I took these pictures when I first started using this BB Cream last fall and I have to tell you, it has just become my absolute favorite foundation.
Honestly, I get so many compliments on my skin when I wear this, I don’t even think about whether my makeup is breaking down or how my skin appears. What a relief, for someone who has such uneven skin tone! I’ve already bought two more tubes.
⚠Important to note! Since I initially bought this, the brand changed the packaging and added to its shade range – and changed the name! It’s now called Perfect Glow BB Cream!

Original Content Link: http://beautyjudy.com/2019/02/purlisse-bb-tinted-moist-cream/

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