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HUDABEAUTY NUDE Medium Obsessions

Thank you PrismPop for giving me the opportunity to test Huda Beauty Nude Medium Obsessions eye pallet inexchange for my honest review. This is the fifth time uploading my review. I keep getting server error messages.

Huda Beauty Nude Medium Obessions eye pallet is a beautiful range of pigmented colors that are buildable and blendable.

The first look uses the first row of colors 1,2,3.

  • 1 was used all over the lid
  • 2 was used in the middle of the lid and on inner to middle of the lower lid
  • 3 was applied above and in the crease to the outer eye and the mid to outer lower lid

The second look uses the last row 7,8,9.

  • 7 was applied to the inner to mid upper and lower lid
  • 8 was applied over the lid
  • 9 was applied above and in the crease and on the lower lid midway to outside

I love the strong pigmented colors and vibrant glitters in the Huda Beauty Nude Obessions eyeshadow pallet. I am excited to try other pallets in the Obsessions line.

The only down sides of this pallet for me was that there was a lot of fallout and something in the ingredients made my eyes itch.



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  • Brandy Moates

    I love these palettes I've been wanting to try them thanks for detailing where you used everything & would. U say it's 1 of ur to 5 favorite eyeshadow palette

  • Marija

    This palette looks very nice on you. It is making your eyes pop. The colors are blending well. Too bad this palette is making your eyes irritated. The packaging looks very pretty.

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