Huda Beauty Demi Matte Lipstick in Color "Day Slayer"

Alright, guys! This is the last product in the Huda Beauty Demi Matte & Cream Lip Set, and it is the Demi Matte lipstick in color "Day Slayer". 
🎀It is slightly lighter than the Liquid Matte lipstick in color "Venus", and a bit less orange. It is a true nude!
🎃I love this color and I already did a few looks with it! I will be using it a lot in the month of October and will try to post some looks on here, for you guys! 
💖I hope you enjoyed the three-video review! 
🥐It is supposed to be more creamy.
🤔Compared to Venus this is sheerer.
💡it is lighter than the matte.
💄I would only apply this when I have a full face of makeup.
🍃After I applied it it was giving my lips a minty sensation will this make my lips a little bit bigger? I won't be mad if it does! 
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For the Lip Contour/Liner click here and for where I use Venus Matte Liquid Lip click here!
Talk to you later, loves!

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