How To Make Great Content On PrismPop ❤️✨

Making content on PrismPop:

💁‍♀️ PrismPop content include Posts (Look or Long), which are posted through your profile, or User Reviews, which are posted on the product page.
🔎 All Content should focus on a product in the Makeup, Skincare & Bath, Nail, Hair, or other Beauty Categories.
...We guide you through writing a great review. 👍
But to get your written or uploaded PrismPop Posts approved, make sure you include a TON of helpful information, both written and visual, to help the audience understand things like: 
1. What this product is 🤷‍♀️
2. How you use it, 👈 and
3. What it does for you 👀
Show, show, show! Anything you can't show should go in the description or text.
You don’t have to be an “influencer” to make good content on PrismPop. All you have to do is create high quality content that shares your honest experience using products you’re passionate about. 

What is good content on PrismPop?

PrismPop content aims to be:
✨DETAILED: Spare no detail!
   If the camera can't see what you're mentioning, we can't either. Wiggle your shots around until you can see everything clearly on screen.
   Tip: Always keep your product inside the shot. Don't drop the product off-camera!
✨CONTEXTUAL: “It just makes sense” 
   Share the “when”, “where” and “why” of using the product... anything that helps the audience understand your specific needs!
   Tip: Show, don't tell. Tell your story without saying too many words.
✨AUTHENTIC: Down-to-earth, true to you, not-too-glamorous. 
   Give your audience the opportunity to experience your product from your real-life perspective.
   Tip: Use your smartphone - it's the easiest way to experiment to find the very best angles and lighting!

Types of Posts & How to Upload:

PrismPop content can take the form of a Look Post or a Long Post. Read our guide on uploading a Look and a Long to learn how you can start uploading your amazing content!
- Make a great LOOK post 👀
Use up to 4 photos / video 1 minute or under
- Write a great LONG post 📖
Like the most helpful blog posts you've ever read

& For a quicker way to contribute your helpful input to the PrismPop community, leave a Product Review! 🛍

We can't wait to see what you create!


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  • Marlena Fannin

    This was so helpful. I hope I can make better posts in the future. I know I see some videos and posts and I think, "I want to be that good." Maybe some day I will be able to be on camera with as much confidence as several others.

  • Lacy Simpson

    Thanks very helpful

  • Stephanie

    Very helpful, thank you!!

  • Jennifer Henning

    Awesome. Thank you and this is very helpful and useful. I want to start sharing some amazing make up and skin product's i have and use i think everyone would like. Thanks for the tips!

  • Corissa Reviews

    Amazingly helpful! Thanks PrismPop for showing how to make great posts. I already do most of this but now I've got even more ideas for my posts/reviews.

  • Alyce Goodale

    I've never made a video review before! I'm excited to learn how but nervous at the same time since the camera isnt kind to me, lol. I'll just make sure to focus on the product!!

  • Lori Odaniel

    I cant wait to produce a video you learn from your shortcomings but i also love writing in detailed reviews they both work really well im ready whenever im invited please. This is so exciting .

  • Lori Odaniel

    I cant wait to make a vi

  • sally peabody

    Much needed know hows..will be using this information accordingly. I can not wait !

  • Naf

    I am still unsure about how to post a video. I'll see if there are more products that I've tried from here that I can post about.

  • Shannon citrino

    I'm still nervous about making a video because of my accent. But I like how the videos are short and to the point t here. I'll eventually give it a try I guess

  • Brandy

    I dig this site wish we had an app!

  • Sonika Shrivastava

    I love reading unbiased reviews on prismpop and reading what other community members has to say about beauty products. I really like new creativity and how to do makeup videos of influencers. I am learning so much form this community. Thanks Prism pop Love 💜

  • Anna hudson

    It doesn't work the post?

  • Mone john

    This is really fun posting and getting advice from other beauty’s I’m gonna start making videos now and filling out some more reviews.