How to invite your friends to save 30% on sample store shipping!

Refer your friends to our sample store and you both can SAVE 30% on shipping! 

It's easy, just follow these steps:

1. Begin by choosing your 10 samples, then select the '30% off Buy with Friend' button. (see below)
*Please note the '30% off Buy with Friend' button won't be avaliable until you select your 10 items.

2. This will then share to your friends through Facebook, Twitter or email. (see below)
*Please note if your friends don't complete the order using your shared links, neither of you will qualify for 30% off shipping. 

IMPORTANT: Your offer will expire after 24 hours! 

3. This will then appear on your Facebook if you shared, and your friends need to click the link to participate in the order. (see below)

4. If you invite people through email, they will each receive an email like the one below, make sure your friends click this link to particpate in the 30% off order. (see below)

5. Once your friends use your link to register for an account, they will be directed to the following page. (see below)

6. Once your friend complete the order (using your link), you will reciece this email notification (see below)

That's it!

Let us know if you still have any questions at

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