How to get recognized for your input for sure!

Hey everyone! Nicole here, and I just wanted to write this post quick, I know that I had a difficult time figuring out exactly how prismpop worked and why I wasn't getting the coins for my posts/reviews, but after finally figuring out what I had to do it has been less frustrating. I have created a step by step example above and I did my example on *The ordinary caffeine solution.

Step 1 : Now listen loves, prismpop wants you to really showcase the products that they are pushing on there product list. There are 844 products that they WILL give you coins for writing "posts" OR"looks" AND if you are like me and wanted your video seen on the "main" feed. This is how you do it, I promise. 

Step 2: This is where it gets crazy. Sometimes you can search for your product using the search bar I circled above 🔎 and 90% of the time I'm sure you've noticed it doesn't show up. Well this sucks but you have to sometimes physically scroll through the 844 products individually if you click on the 🔎 products will pop up and then hun you just scroll down until you find the product you are looking for.

Step 3: when you find your product just click on it one time and a mini picture of your product chosen should appear 

Step 4: MAKE SURE THAT MINI PIC IS SHOWING! Sometimes it likes to disappear but just grit your teeth and go find it again.  Matter how long it takes lol

ok everyone I hope I am helping someone else with this post because some people (like myself) benefit from a good visual. Let me know if you want me to do another "HOW TO PRISIMPOP" post. And let me know what you want me to do it on!. I'm here for you!


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