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How to Edit Prismpop Post and add Photos in Middle of the Post

Hello Everyone ❤

How to edit or add photos in the middle of a post.

     At the request of a person who commented on one of my posts, I want to explain how to edit or add photos in the middle of a post. This is usually a bit confusing or difficult for someone like me who is just starting out. I will explain step by step how I learned to edit my post by adding more photos or information.


First step:

Go to the top right where it says your name on my profile.

Second step:

Go where my post says. When you see all the posts you have made in each post, you will see a heart, a safacon, and a small box with a pencil.

You are going to select the square with the pencil that you are going to click and it will quickly enter the publication you chose to edit.

Some options will appear where you can add or remove information and also add photos in the middle of the information.


Third step:

In the space where it says descriptions you will see different very small figures. I didn't even notice them the first time. There is one that is a photo form that is the one that you are going to select to add a photo. Remember that in the middle of the information you must leave a space under the phrase where you want the photo to appear.

Fourth step: Already selected the mentioned in the third step, a table will appear with different selections. You are going to select the load that is third from left to right. There you will see the option to upload where it says choose file there you must click to choose the photo you want to add to the information. Then you are going to click where it says send it to server this is very important so that it gives you the URL for the photo and so it can upload correctly. Once this is done, click Ok.

Fifth step:

Another screen will appear with the URL and the selected photo so that you can review it. If everything is fine, click Ok and that's it.

Remember that if you want to add more photos you must repeat all the steps again.


I hope this post helps you more how to edit and add photos in the middle of the post. If you like it, feel free to comment. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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  • Kelly K

    Omg thank you so much!!!! I have been trying to get someone to help me with this for the longest time. You rock! I greatly appreciate the detailed instructions and you taking the time to help.