How to Earn and Redeem Points to Exchange for Free Products

Earn and redeem coins to receive free products on PrismPop! It's easy! Just follow the following steps: Step 1: Register an account (Important) Only Registered PrismPop Users can earn coins and redeem products!
If you're not already registered, follow these steps;
↗️ Click into the top-right menu and click 'Get Started' from the pink screen (if you're on mobile)
💄 Add all your beauty details through our personalization quiz
💌 Then check your email to confirm your new PrismPop account!
Now you can earn and spend your coins on PrismPop! 🙌

Step 2: Earn Coins on PrismPop
There are so many ways to earn PrismPop Coins!!!
Daily Check-In can earn you 350 Coins each and every day!
- Helpful Comments - 150 coins (requires review by PrismPop)
- Invite Friends - 1500 coins (make sure they use the same email you sent it to when signing up. No code needed)
- Liking a Product - 3 Coins
- Following a person - 3 Coins
- Voting "I Wanna Try" on PrismPop Posts - 3 coins
- Earn a Follower - 10 

Earn Coins for Product Reviews on PrismPop
Posts aren't the only way to earn - you can also write helpful Community Reviews on the product pages....
👍. Review approved by PrismPop - 300 Coins
❤️ Receive a "Helpful" vote on your product review - 10 Coins
👏 Vote another review as "Helpful" - 1 Coin

How-To Guides for Reviews can be found here - BE HELPFUL: Writing A Helpful Review 🖋💌

Step 3: Redeem Your PrismPop Coins for Free Products in the Rewards Store!! 🎉🎉🎉
Track Your Coins!
- Go to Your Profile (click your face in the top right 👌)
- Scroll down to review your progress! 💪
- Click "Redeem Your Reward" to visit the Rewards Store!!
You can also get to the rewards store here - PrismPop Rewards Store
Choose your Freebie! We stock our rewards store with hot products and opportunities to donate - if you donate your coins, PrismPop will match your contribution! 💕
Click "REDEEM" and wait for our email to confirm your address! 
Then, your free product has been redeemed and will be on the way to you shortly!! 💕

Now go and earn those points, beautiful! Love ya! 😘 More on Referrals
Daily Check-In Link w/ More on Coins
Writing a Helpful Product Review
Writing Helpful Comments
Look or Long Post?
PrismPop Support Account
Last Update: September 2020

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