My favorite Blush/Highlighter by Beauty Bakerie!

Hey everyone, in today's upload, I show you how to achieve the Perfect Blush look with Cotton Candy Champagne Blush by Beauty Bakerie!
This palette is a great combination of blush, bronzer, and highlight! Which makes it perfect for almost any look!
Application: I begin by dusting it off on my cheeks
I LOVE the sheen that these colors have
Perfect for a natural glow!
Hope you enjoy and don't forget to follow for more!

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  • Tina Russell

    Beautiful! Stunning! I am going to have to try this!

  • April

    Thats absolutely gorgeous girl! It's just the right amount of color and shine. Love it! I want this💜

  • Angela Brake

    This looks so the whole palette...easy and convenient to use:I want to try it!

  • Sarah

    I always love your POSTS you do such a nice job! These shades look stunning would love to try!

  • Nicole


  • Laura

    This shades are stunning, will go great on my skin color.

  • Lisa Ramsey

    I like a little darker colors but these are pretty .

  • Shauna Gholson

    These shades are so pretty. I need to try this brand. Love your eye look.

  • Shelly Jacquez

    perfect shades! thank you!

  • Cynthia

    Like the combo, good video. May have to check this one out after my current one is gone.

  • Naf

    Love your eye makeup matching with your nails! If I had only 5 minutes to get ready then I'd focus on putting a moisturizer on my face and using an eyeliner.

  • Hallie

    Since I don't really wear makeup, I would focus on my skincare. Lip balm and moisturizer with SPF are a must!

  • Brenda Holbert

    I love your pretty purple eyes! Nice blush pallet.

  • Jeanie Cox

    I've never used this pallet before but after watching you, I definitely want to! I love the color choices that this pallet offers and that it gives a more natural look! ❤ Your Beautiful!

  • Denise

    I love it ... I definitely like it very much it is just the color I am looking for my cheeks, it is subtle but bright really that it is something that I would use regularly, I would like to know more details and see how my skin type is going since it It gets greasy with some brands, but in general I would like to try it

  • Tia kitchens

    I honestly think I would focus on highlighter ♥️ My lashes are fairly full and no super long but I would say a little above average. As far as blush, I would do the old fashioned pinch my cheeks to give them that natural flush. I would focus on highlight to give my skin that beautiful healthy glow 🥰 this is a beautiful palette by beauty bakerie I have not tried this brand yet.

  • Nicole Ragle

    Your very beautiful! The Beauty Bakery Palette Blush Palette is pretty. If I only had 5 minutes to eat ready I would spend it on Curling My Lashes, Applying Foundation, Highlighter and a Matte Blush or Bronzer. I prefer matte blushes, instead of shimmer blushes. Especially, since I have huge pores! Shimmer Blushes tend to make your pores more obvious! An I want to hide my pores as much as possible!

  • Katie

    Beautiful palette! If I only had 5 minutes to get ready I would just throw on mascara and apply some lipgloss! My two favorite types of makeup products ❤️

  • Anna Kvistad

    Gorgeous palette! I love how it is so natural and definitely not overdone. With my five minutes, I would focus on my eyes. Eyes are expressive and I would curl and apply mascara and of course a little eyeliner to them. Now, I am tempted to add some of this beautiful blush.

  • Natali Evertz

    With 5 minutes I would focus more my eyes, apply mascara and eyeliner. Then apply a natural lip color on.

  • Natali Evertz

    Wow those eyes really pop out. I'm Loving it. And that blush palate make you glow. Work that look sis, you look amazing!

  • Tracey Parnell

    My favorite blush or highliter is OFRA its less powder flying around getting everwhere, it evens color that adds just the perfect amount of color, which lifts and shapes your cheekbones... Its a.must for everyday users

  • Ja-Nee

    If I had 5 minutes I would: Clean my face with Micellar water, add a toner, add a serum, moisturizer then color correct problem areas and then lipgloss 🙂

  • Reenah

    For me the only makeup I use when going out is lipstick..blush/highlighter sounds beautiful

  • Amber

    Beautiful pallete, looks great with your skin tone.If I had 5 minutes to get ready I would still have face powder, blush on my cheeks and lids, eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. For a nice natural look but still cute.

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