How to access more posts from your FAV people

Hey everyone it's Nicole! I just wanted to make another how 2 real quick on how to see posts from your favorite people that you follow!

I know that when I first got on prisimpop I thought that the only posts available for me to view were ONLY on the main feed. Little did I know, all I had to do to see more posts from that person was 1)click on that users post from the main feed, 2) The NAME highlighted in PINK is where I needed to click to access so of that persons videos.3) Boom now I had way more content to go view and collect COIN.

It really is a giant prismpop world and I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that you are NOT limited to just that main feed.

Thank you for viewing and I hope this helped a fellow prismpopper! Don't forget to drop the 😍♥and a contributing comment to earn 156 coins! See ya for the next one! But only if you follow me too! I promise to follow back and show you love too!


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