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How I Style My Hair with the Dyson Airwrap!

This post is not sponsored and I paid the FULL PRICE for the airwrap! 
🤑I totally understand though, the really high cost after using it for a while!
I think the whole set is more worth it. It comes with a dryer attachment which does a great job blow drying my hair. That way, you don't have to spend money on another Dyson product. 
There are three different heat setting and power settings. In order to style your hair, you need it to be a little damp and not perfectly dry. 
⚠️The comb attachments for smoothing and straightening don't really work for me. I haven't really figured out how to use these yet and my hair doesn't get as straight as I would like it to be. 
⭐There is definitely a learning curve to using it. 
⭐The larger curling attachments are my favorite. You can style your hair while you are drying it, which is great for saving time. 
Here is how I use the Dyson Airwrap, for those who are confused about how it works! 
✅Grab a piece of hair and let the wand coil your hair around. I leave it for a few seconds. Then I turn on the cool setting and leave it for a few seconds to really set the style in place! 
⭐If your hair isn't adhering to the wand, it's probably because you have too big of a chunk. Try to apply a smaller portion of your hair to the wand.
👍I really enjoy using the Airwrap and I think it saves me a lot of time because I don't have to blow dry it. It also gives me the big bodied curls that I love.  
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