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How I rocked these Melanie Mills samples

With some luck, hopefully I can get this all out without any technical issues, so here we go! I got my samples of MELANIE MILLS HOLLYWOOD * GLEAM BODY RADIANCE, from my Queens at Prismpop, and I have to admit that on the first glance, I was kinda scared...I was thinking that maybe 2 of these shades were going to compliment me(OPALESCENCE&PEACH DELUXE) but to my surprise, ALL 6 of these shades, melted in beautifully, even though I am pretty much clear lol So that was pretty neat. Here is my breakdown! (Sorry in advance for the crazy looking eyebrows, I did not know) OH and I hope y'all enjoyed my GIF presentation.


OPALESCENCE:  This is the most universal shade made up of moisturizing sheer base leaving a soft opal pinky iridescent glowing finish.

DISCO GOLD:  An antique gold that melt into skin shearing out leaving a soft golden finish with tons of Shimmer. The most shimmering shade.

PEACH DELUXE:  This is the shared that was developed in collaboration with Sondjra Deluxe. Stopped peachy undertones with a champagne pop.

ROSE GOLD:  Rose gold was the first shade in Melanie developed, the shade that started it all. A rich rose color with deep golden undertones.

BRONZE GOLD:  A Mediterranean pure liquid bronze with orange and Olive undertones.

DEEP GOLD:  A unique Rich golden chocolate shade with red undertones.

📣 Transfer resistant and long-wearing, gleam body Radiance is available in Shades that sculpt and refine all skin tones, from the lightest to the deepest complexions. Clean body Radiance is a must have in your beauty Arsenal, as this densely pigmented body makeup deliver sexy, velvety glowing skin. Hydrating and nourishing, gleam body Radiance improves the texture and look of skin. Gleam body Radiance makes it easy to look "lit from within" anywhere, everyday. Created by Emmy award-winning makeup artist Melanie Mills, Gleam body Radiance was created to make everyone look and feel like a movie star.

📝 Apply this anywhere and everywhere, I think this is 100% versatile. Use your hands or a makeup brush, doesn't matter. Use as a primer, eyeshadow, highlighter, bronzer, endless possibilities. I wanted to broadcast this on my legs, but that's a no- go. It's been too long of a winter lol

🌿 NO animal testing products, NO sulfates, NO parabens, No harsh ingredients, NO GMOs, NO phthalates

📦 The packaging is so so adorable! I love the bag and the 6 individual containers are cute and tiny. I just wish they were bigger.

💰 $10 for the sample bag, but when you find the one that you like best, you can buy the full-size for $45 at most ULTA beauty locations.

🤓💭 The smell of this product is teetering on the edge of too strong, kinda smells like baby powder and faint parfume smell. I like it, but I don't, but it doesn't matter because this is some incredible stuff! I can't believe how easily all 6 of these magically melted into my skin. My favorite one has to be the Peach Deluxe though, simply because it really shined with my complexion.I was only able to figure out how to feature 4 of the 6 shades, but with some investigating, I should be able to upload the other 2. If not I'll just make a part 2.

Thank you for viewing! Did you get a bag? What's your favorite? Wanna try? Hit the 😍❤ and comment below to score that coin! I'll see you soon! ✌

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  • Robin Bell

    I need to check these out

  • Rose F Speidel

    ohhh those are so pretty!

  • Emely

    Nice colours

  • Audrey poeling

    I have been wanting to try this for a long time, ive heard great things about this product and would love a chance to be able to try it out but with 4 kids being a single mom the money get tight so it would be like christmas morning to a 5 year old if i got to try this out, really hoping to jump up and down screaming its my christmas, its my christmas like my 5 year old did, lol. Oh please with a 🍒 on top!!!

  • Corissa Reviews

    Love how they just melt right in. I was also a bit scared the colors wouldn't work but was so happy when they did. Loving your ships to show how you use them! Great job 💋

  • Ardra Suresh

    I loved this.. and wanna try

  • Ardra Suresh

    I loved this.. and wanna try

  • Angela

    I want to try!

  • Angela

    I loveee the colors!

  • Crystal

    Oh my I love all these colors they look so clean and just so pretty.

  • Julie Silver

    I want to try

  • Jennifer Henning

    These are so cool. I love these colors. This is a awesome review and the way you have your pics set up. Thanks for sharing

  • Shanna Rios

    Haven't gotten mine yet but can't wait to try

  • Patricia Alton

    Nice job, Nicole! You sure covered everything about this product! Very nice visuals, great, thorough review!

  • Naf

    Nice. I like the brightness of these.

  • Jacquie Fisher-Wisor

    Thanks you truly helped me especially with the last part on the 2 shades as I'm kind of thinking they may be a bit to dark for my skintone. I'll have to wait and see but so far reviews are showing me yes they most likely will be!! Fantastic review!! 1😊👍

  • Tracey Madden

    Love it and thanks so much for giving us the break down on how to .. my fav. is rose gold, they do like u said blend really well together.

  • Bonita kasee

    Love these!!! All of them, great colors that definitely blend well or alone!! Thanks for sharing, I think my favorite is bronze, and rose gold,

  • Barbie

    And honestly no I don't like the gif, just bc you might as well have just used pictures bc you can't read anything that is on it, it goes to fast and wanting to learn about something that I can't read is not fun. But I loved your worded long post, it was the only thing that helped slightly,Understand.

  • Barbie

    I've never heard of these or Melanie mills MUA and I love makeup, but I'm still unsure of their ultimate purpose what they were made and advertised to do, I get they are very universal but I'd love to know more about this brand and what more these are suppose to be used for and why the shiny shades if their not meant for anything particular. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer me. Sincerely, Just a girl asking lots of questions.

  • Christian Callaway

    Your review is amazing and I love the pictures. The swatches look great I think I would love to try the opalenscense shade! Thank you for your helpful review!

  • Ja-Nee

    Awesome review!! The Rose gold and Disco gold are calling my name!!!!!!!! Love your pictures!!!

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    what an amazing breakdown of each of the 4 you tried. love how you did photos very engaging. Those 4 colors suit you and your skin tone.

  • Marlena Fannin

    What a lovely review Niicole! I didn't get a tester bag either. I try to comment on everyone's posts and review but I haven't gotten anything to test yet. I am going to remain positive n keep cheering you girls on. I believe I would like the opalescence the best, but I would have a blast with all of them.

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