How do you display your favorite packaging?

One of the best things about make up for me as a collector is some of the amazing packaging. That being said I have an exceptionally small studio apartment so I don't really have that much storage or display space at my disposal right now. 


So what's a girl to do with a bunch of Epic packaging and nowhere to shelve it all up because you can put shelves in an apartment building wall?

Why completely customize an old curio cabinet and make it super fashionable of course.


This has been my latest quarantine project it's of course not finished but it led me to wonder you display your favorite packaging? Because I know I'm not the only one that still holds on to some of it. 

Comment below and tell me how you store your packaging or display it I thought this was a great way to kind of do both until I of course have a place of my own that I can put shelves and shelves that shows all up and display everything in its Glory.

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