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Hot Pink Galore! An Eyeshadow Look

I'm still learning how to do eyeshadow looks because it is a STRESSFUL process. Sometimes, you'll accidently smudge it HORRIBLY and it goes everywhere onto the eye.

Before I explain the whole ordeal, I will inform you on the products I used!

I used the 25L Pride Morphe palette, Fit! Me BEIGE foundation, BH cosmetics liquid lipstick, Black Radiance eyeliner, L'oreal Mascara, and Ardell Eyelashes! Including, some other makeup.

First, I started off with applying some NYX Cosmetics concealer! I use this concealer along with Tarte's SHAPE TAPE one, often. Following this, I applied dots of Fit! Me foundation on each section of my face, blending it out with my beauty blender. Afterwards, I quickly contoured my face with my NYX Conceal, Correct, and Contour kit. 

I blended that out and proceeded with applying some Covergirl translucent setting powder underneath my eyes and near my jawline above the contour. I kept this on until I finished my eyeshadow look.

With my eyeshadow, I took the hot pink shade and blended it out VERY carefully. I did this until I found the shape I desire amongst my eye. Afterwards, I grabbed my NYX concealer and applied some onto my eyelid, blinked, and cut-creased. I let it dry afterwards and followed by setting it with a white eyeshadow, adding some holographic glitter on the crease slightly. Once I finished that, I used a coral-like pink and blended the edges out to make it look more smooth. I brushed off the translucent powder, getting rid of all the fall-out from my eyeshadow brushes. 

The rest is pretty much like you expect it to go! 


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  • Amanda Lingle

    Morphe palettes are great with nice price points I just got the morphe 350 for my daughter the other day at Ulta. She needed it for her how choir. But this momma will be for sure borrowing it. So many amazing natural colors that I love. ❤

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