Hooded or deep set eyes? This is the eyelash curler for you!

The Shiseido Mini Eyelash Curler 215 is the answer for those of us with small, deep-set, or hooded eyes. 
💗This curler lets you get super close to the base of your lashes, and the precision allows for a better and long lasting lift! 
🧡Affordble, easy, and they come with a a few replacement pads too! 
💛Curling your lashes can make even the most sleepy eyes look more open, awake, and refreshed! 
💚What's your favorite way to curl your lashes? Let me know below!
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  • Tonilynn Rosario

    never knew about hooded eyes (which I have ) till last year and this looks like an amazing product! small and compact and works wonders from your review

  • Amy

    This is what I need , I’ve always had issues with my lashes because my eyes are hooded and they never curl correctly.... so thank you 🙏 great review love the clip too

  • Kate D.

    This is a great review! The video doesn't work for me, but I get the gist. I have hooded eyes, myself. I use the regular standard eyelash curler. I honestly never really thought about using one that's specifically for hooded eyes. I've just learned how to manage using a regular one after using or for many, many years. So to answer your question, using a good old fashioned eyelash curler is my favorite way to curl my eyelashes. I'd definitely like to give this eyelash curler a try. It sounds like it would work much better for me and much easier, as well. I'll be looking into this product! I like the fact that it is affordable and comes with replacement pads. Thanks again for this review!

  • Ashiah warner

    That curler is super cute!

  • Jennie

    I have deep set eyes&this is what I been looking for. In so glad Shisheido finally made this available to all of us that have the same issues. She did a great review&that's what makes me want it even more. Can't wait to see if I could try it out. This would go perfect with my makeup arsenal that's missing something for my deep set hooded eyes.😊

  • Carla Emilian

    Omg, I NEED this! Regular curlers do nothing but rip my lashes off!

  • Hannah Marie

    Oh, this is neat! I'm definitely going to look this up!!

  • Anna hudson

    I baugt this curler month ago,I really love it too,I tried to write a review, but don't know what happened to it,I think it went into cyborg space?

  • Daisy

    How cute& convenient! Definitely need the mini😍😍😍

  • Lauren Velasco

    Hello, fellow hooded eye lady over here! this is amazing! I'm definitely gonna have to get this! thanks you!!

  • Micheala

    Want this

  • Rhonda Cox

    I have learned through watching beauty tips that if you heat up your eye lash curlers with a blow dryer it really helps curling your lashes..

  • Cheyenne Pitt

    This looks very interesting.

  • Patricia Alton

    I recieved from Ipsy a treStique mascara with a built in curler on top that is very similar to this. I use it all the time and it works wonderfully!

  • Donna Barnes

    The video wouldn't work for me, but you came right out with my problem....hooded eyes. I will look into this one. Thank you for the reccomend.

  • Amy

    I ordered these too! I can’t wait to get them ... awaiting my mail

  • sally peabody

    Such a new idea ! Great video I totally enjoyed learning from you. I am quite familiar with Shiseido. Once upon a time i worked them ! This is new. Their lash curlers were very popular but this on is perfect. Japanese company that is a whole lot of beautiful Asia eyes. I have similar almond eyes which makes them hooded in a way. Very nice Demo !

  • Anna hudson

    I just got this I'm excited to try it.

  • Lauryn

    I wanna try and review products pretty please

  • Angela Brake

    I really need this,my eyes are hooded and i need all the help i can get!

  • Kat

    Omgggggg how did I never have this

  • Amanda Lingle

    I have hooded eyes and always have problems with making my eyes look better.

  • Ailyn

    I definitely need this...! 😍😍

  • Anna hudson

    Still won't play can't wait till I get mine,maybe I can do a review on it lol!

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