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Hooded eyes Natural Everyday look with inexpensive makeup brands.

   Hello everyone, I wanted to share a look I use often in my everyday life. This look is not only stunning its also a inexpensive look for those of us that can't afford the high end makeup brands. I did not use foundation in this look. I normaly don't wear foundation in the summer/warmer months. 

   I always start off with my eyes, rather I use or don't use foundation. I'm getting into makeup again after 20 years so I still don't use all the recommanded products. I'm getting there though.

    I begin with my eyebrows using my 

L.A.COLORS Bowie Wowie Brow Pencil Dark adds defination with the slant-tip it easily fills in the brow for a more natural looking finish.

I start of with my right right about the inner cornor slowly filling in every spot that needs it, then moving on to the left eye finishing my brow look off.

$3.00+tax at Wal-mart

    For my eyes I started off with

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palette-ComfortZone. This palette has no shad names. I looked everywhere even on the wet n wild website. It has one creamy color, two light brown colors, two medium brown colors, two darker brown colors and three different green colors a light, medium and dark. These matte shads are very pigmented with a creamy soft feel that blends flawlessly for me.

I used a medium brown for my base color adding a darker brown to the corner of my eyes blending inwards then adding the medium green to the inner cornor of my lids setting them off. Then using the creamy color to fill in the top of the eyes to the brow line.

$5.99 +tax at Wal-mart

    Then I add my 

Wet n Wild Proline felt tip eyeliner. I love how this liner has a marker like tip for easy gliding thats so soft to the eyelid. With the finest of points that drys realy fast. 

    I always start with the inner cornor of my eyelid and slowly glide my eyeliner twards the out cornor of my eye. (i never do winged liner,don't work with my hooded eyes)

$3.98 + tax at Wal-mart

    Finishing off my eyes using 

e.l.f WaterProof Lengthening + Volumizing Mascara enhances lashes, drys quick, last all day kinda hard to remove sometimes.

I start off with my left top eyelid making sure to cover everyone of my lashes then moving to my left eyelid repeating the process. when thats finished I move to my lower eyelashes carfully covering them.

$4.00+tax at Wal-mart

    Next I move on to my cheeks using

Profusion Blush II 6 Shade Palette with both Matte and Shimmer shads. Blends effortlessly adding a natural glow to your cheeks you can choose from (top- right to left) Pink Star, Lovely, Captivate (bottom-right to left) Harmony, Smitten, LoveJoy

With this look I always go in with the Harmony for my top layer then finishing off with Pink Star for my bottom layer blending both blushes creating a stunning finished look.

$5.00 + tax on Profusion wetsite

    I head to my lips using 

Wet n Wild Mega slicks Lip Gloss-color Brillant A lauves. You can use this lip gloss alone or as a top coat adding a blast of shine. Extremly smooth gliding on.

I Normaly use this lip gloss alone like I did for this look. I just cover my lips and call it good.

$2.99+tax at Wal-mart

    I finish my look off with 

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Setting Spray that last all day for me. Stopping cracking, fading, smudging and creasing from happing. Works great

I just spray my face three times let it dry then repeat. Never having to worry about my makeup for the rest of the day

$5.99+tax at Wal-mart

    This look is 30.95 + tax you can get everything except the Profusion Blush at Wal-mart or any drug store in your area. Prices may vary these prices are from my local Wal-mart. I do hope you enjoyed my review. Have a wonderful day. 



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    Wow! Joylynn you are so beautiful and this review post is out of this 🌎

  • Jeni Tedeschi

    Thank you for your response my comment! I had never heard of leaving them open! Another incredible tip! Thanks again, I tried to like your comment but it wouldn't let me. The fact that you took the time to respond with yet another tip to help me deserved an answer. Thank you for your kindness 💕💕💕

  • Kelly K

    Great review!! Looks like you have busy because there are a lot of reviews of yours I haven't seen yet!! Keep up the great work!! This looks beautiful on you!!😊

  • Jeni Tedeschi

    Look your look as it's so natural and review is so specific 🥰 My eyes have become hooded due to age and multiple sinus surgeries, so it's all new to me and I need all the tips I can get. Thank you ever so much for sharing this ❤

  • Bonita kasee

    Thanks for sharing your look with us, that's great for the price also, very pretty, I have used e.l.f products, everyone I've used was great, and good prices, love these colors, I always use browns and pinks, mauve,

  • Micheala

    Thanks for the review