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Holiday Red Lip Collection!


I know what you’re thinking: we’re still in November. However, is it really ever too early to start thinking about Christmas and getting in the holiday spirit? I know I’m personally already shopping for holiday gifts, which got me in the mood, perhaps a little early. Whenever December does creep up on us, I want to be absolutely ready with my favorite holiday red lipsticks. Here is my collection, and what I like about each!


Clarins Joli Rouge 742

An extremely easy to apply, glossy red lip that has medium pigment. If you’re going for something too statement, I’d definitely consider coloring your lips in with a liner first, but that being said--I don’t think I’ve ever had to do that! This lipstick is a perfect not-so-subtle, not-so-bold in between red, making it extremely versatile.


Clarins Joli Rouge 742V

This is essentially the matte version of the above. While holidays make me want to go for a bit more gloss and sparkle, I would probably use this if I had glitter on my eyes somewhere.


YSL Rouge Pur Couture 13

A red-orange that errs more on the side of a light tomato. This is a great daytime option during the holidays that doesn’t scream “holiday night party,” and also works as a great transition from November to December. 


YSL Slim Sheer Matte 101 Rouge Libre

This is fairly pink, but I wanted to include this because looks can be deceiving. From some angles, this appears red, but my camera clearly had its own mind. Too, if you take a close look at the lipstick itself, it looks pretty fiery red, so it’s important to note that the shade on the stick can be very different from how it applies. Still, I like this one for the holidays, again for the November to December transition period.


Shade M “Muse” Red Hot 03

In my mind, this is the epitome of a bold red lip. Bold in pigment, and bold in color, this will steal the show when you wear it. I’d definitely balance this out with more subdued eye makeup and minimal blush.


Shade M “Muse” Nar 02

This applies on the lips as an intense, deep berry, and is another case of the “looks can be deceiving” mantra. The tube looks totally red, but when you apply it you definitely can see pink and purple undertones. I’d still categorize it in the red lipstick category, however, and probably would wear this post-Christmas heading into January.

I hope you found some inspiration with one or few of these shades for your upcoming holiday makeup looks! Until next time.




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  • Marija

    It is not too early to get in a holiday spirit. MUSE MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK #3 RED HOT looks stunning on you. The color is so powerful and the lipstick is nice and creamy. This review inspires me to think about my upcoming holiday makeup look.👍💋