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Hitting the reset button – Mental Self Care Tips

During these crazy times where the world seems to have turned itself on its head; its more important now more than ever that we take time for ourselves to reset and recharge our batteries. Its important we take time for our mental health because we cannot help others if we do not first help ourselves.
Self-care takes many forms; it can be adding something a bit extra to your skin care or bath time ritual, treating yourself to a spa day, keeping a journal or even taking some time for meditation or self-reflection. While I love to pamper myself with skincare or makeup. Today I wanted to share with you some ways that I like to give myself some mental self-care boosts. 😊

1.   Reading 📖 – I absolutely love to read! My favorite types of books are sci-fi or fantasy/adventure novels; they allow me to decompress and escape reality for the moment. I find the more engrossed I am with the book, the more I let the worries and stresses of life ease away for that moment in time. I try to read at least for an hour or two before bedtime to relax myself. For an added self-care measure I like to add some relaxing eye patches to help take any additional stress of the day away. Two of my personal favorites are the Grace & Stella or Pixi Beauty FortifEYE eye patches. My daughters will also give me a cuddly friend to snuggle with during my reading time.

2.   Experiencing Nature 🌲 🐿– If you live in an area that has wonderful nature areas to explore, it is a must to get some fresh air and Vitamin D! For me just being outside gives me a sense of peace. I live in a city where the river runs right through downtown. I love to take my kayak out and paddle as far as I can go. Replacing the sounds of the city with the sounds of nature is so refreshing for the soul.

3.   Yoga/Meditation 🧘‍♀️ –  If I dont have the ability to escape into nature; I love to practice my yoga and meditation on my back patio with a cup of coffee. I usually prefer the quiet weekend mornings before the rest of my family wakes up. The early morning birds chirping and the sun on my face as I practice my sun salutations and warrior poses brings me a sense of calm. Sometimes my oldest daughter will join me in practice which can make for some funny moments. Laughter is great for the soul.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the ways I like to relax, reset and refresh. Everyone has different ways to show themselves care. How do you love to show yourself self-care?

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  • Alisha

    Hi, love this post! I love to sneak out for an early run or a late night run. Or a run anytime really lol. I also enjoy spoiling myself with my skincare routine.🤗 However I haven’t tried an eye mask, yet!

  • Flor

    I read during my free time,but I think that meditation has helped more. I recommend it since it can clear your mind from worries and can be done with a nice face mask or just with a nice tea during the cold days.

  • Leylers

    I wish I had more time to read...but little kids keep me moving. I have been taking more time for face masks and lotions. I'd really love to try the eye mask.

  • Deborah Moses

    I'd like to try the eye mask it could relax me probably while I get my daily routine started for the day to help my puffy eyes and not have dark circles ok.....

  • Elizabeth Montgomery

    I love pikachu 🤣

  • Jennifer Miller

    You look very relaxed and refreshed.I would love to try these products. Especially the Stella & Grace Eye Mask.I have dark,saggy,puffy under eyes.I also love the outdoors and do yoga and read and meditate! It goes along with my mental health upkeep!lol

  • Jennifer

    I’ve been wanting to give these a try. They look so refreshing to the skin!

  • Jackie

    I have some gold patches by a different brand too, but it is so hard to keep them on. Any tips?

  • Shell🐚Bee🐝

    This was great! I really enjoyed the pictures and the read!


    if these are for puffy eyes God knows i need them lol i look like a panda bear in the face lol

  • LifeCoachMelanieM

    @Candace, please please please tell me more about your thoughts on Grace & Stella eye patches and Pixi Beauty FortifEYE. I’m not familiar with either. As a Professional Certified Life Coach, I am so glad you posted mental self care❣️ I can attest to your suggestions and often refer my Clients to do the same 🥰

  • Asti Custard

    Love my eye gel mask!!!!

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    I like that you enjoy the outdoors and the info about yourself is great but your off topic here. This is supposed to be about the products and how you liked them and there is very little mention of that here. Are you planning on letting us know anything about these products?

  • Kelly K

    Pikachu!!! LOL!😍 You and your daughter are gorgeous and absolutely adorable!! I agree that self care is so important especially in a time like right now. Reading, meditation, yoga, and just getting outside are great ways to decompress and relax. I also love spending time with family and friends (when able.) I've also been pampering myself more lately by like doing home facials, face masks, foot masks, eye masks, bubble baths, ect.

  • Tina Geane

    I forgot to mention Candace- Amazing Pictures! I love kayaking, I really wanted to buy a kayake this summer, I'm gonna by next summer. Here in New England there are so many places to go. They even have a kayaking trail( like bike trails) not to far from me. Nice pictures, very inspirational. ✌❤🌻🌻

  • Jamie

    The way I unwind/reset is in my Garden. I love being outside in warm weather. My fiancé just built me a greenhouse for the cold weather and I can not wait..

  • Marlena Fannin

    Sounds like you have some awesome things to do to help you relax. I like to settle down n watch a good movie (scary or comedy), those are my favorite and I usually turn my phone off. I enjoy exfoliating my face with Modesa Apricot scrub. I exfoliate about twice a week for smoother, healthier looking skin.

  • Naf

    Great post! I love reading and nature too. I like hiking and seeing waterfalls. It's refreshing. Omg, that pikachu though! 😘😘 I want one now. My favorite summer skincare products include the Chok Chok moisturizer and erno laszlo cleanser. I use them on a daily basis to every other day. I exercise daily these days to recharge as well as eating food that would give me energy.

  • Pauline

    Love these great products you offer in your posted review. I have learned so much since joining PrismPop and really appreciate the work you gals have put in especially around the quarantine this year. Pixi Beauty Fortifeye and Grace & Stella for more eye care affordable an want to try. I enjoyed the colors in your photos with your daughter having fun. The book looks like a great mystery. Really enjoyed this posted review! One of the best hope you win!

  • Lori Martinez-Smallwood

    I show self care by working out. I’m not a pro and I’m not the best , but I do my best! Everyday I feel more motivated and happier😃😊

  • B

    Your post is great! I love this. It's true, we forget about everything because home is now a combination of work, home and the multitude of other items we need it to be and it's no longer distinct. Reminding ourselves to take the time to enjoy it is great. I love using face masks and using the waiting time to catch up on reading or texting with friends.

  • Kelley Harner

    Such an inspiring post! Thanks for the reminder that WE are important and it is important to take care of ourselves! We are all so busy with every day life that it is too easy to neglect our own self care. I needed this so thank you!

  • Joyce

    I love taking some time for myself for self care! Thank you so much for sharing some things you do. Will definitely try them some time.

  • Tina Geane

    Hi Candace! Great Advice, I also have learned to take some "ME TIME" to recharge my physical, mental & spiritual batteries because I was actually burning myself out trying to do too much to over compensate! I live in a little city but I started a garden right out on Main St. In containers, it has turned into something so beautiful, I go out early mornings with my coffee & evenings with tea, watch bees, butterflies. Just getting my hands in the dirt, cars driving by yelling "Beautiful Flowers/Plants" & Neighbors walking by stopping to talk( distancing of course) Is so nice! The veggies I've grown myself to eat & share is wonderful. I also got myself a yoga mat, exercise ball, we have a bike trail in my area I never explored now its a great place to go- And theres a bridge I go over to get there with water , then alot of nature So good for the soul. I started a new craft "Diamond Painting" Its addicting and really easy! I aslo got the grace & stella mask but the Face Mask, I got the BLUSH CBD facemask these are fabulous, and some eye mask I'm using are JayJun Cosmetic line ( I'm a kbeauty fanatic) there are Green Tea, Roselle & Lavendar Tea, these are really great and theres 60 in each container so thats 30 sets! I plan to do a review of the Whole JayJun skincare set I got & eye mask eventually. I love this post-I think sometimes us woman find it hard to take time for ourselves , we think we have to always be doing for other's or else we are being selfish! We need to re-charge no matter what way we choose, that's how we keep our minds, bodies, spirits healthy so we are able to give ourselves to others! So Turn on that Netflix Put on that Green Face Mask, Make a cup of ☕ or a margarita🍹 put your feet up and Re-Charge, Friends!! Thanks Candace Great Job & Great Much Needed Reminder to All- Namaste

  • Sayeri

    Such a beautiful post 😍...reading and experiencing nature is my top favorites... Reading helps me calm down and i prefer to read 30-40 minutes before going to sleep... and nature just makes me happy !! Love going to the wild whenever I can and also I love gardening which is my morning routine before starting the day 🥰🌹🌸🌿