Hit or Miss? Natural deodorants

Here are some of the natural deodorants I've tried. As a backstory, I found out over a decade ago I was actually allergic to something or other that was in most commercial deodorants. After so many times of skin reactions and hives I knew I had to give them up. I decided to head to the health store (they weren't sold in mainstream stores at the time) to find aluminum-free alternatives. The first brand I tried and liked was Nature's Gate. 

1. Nature's Gate - Herbal Blend (Lemongrass & Clary Sage and Grapefruit & Wild Ginger) 

I fell in love with this brand because of the scent. I didn't even know I liked the lemongrass & sage combo but they all smelled fantastic. It's translucent so it went on clear. The ingredients are vegan and natural; some are even organic. It was less than $10 but the 1.7 ounces tends to go fast and the last quarter inch was unusable due to the design. It's also only for very light activity. I don't know if they make it anymore, but I've since switched. 

2. Alaffia - Neem Tumeric Deodorant, Mandarin & Charcoal

This line has since been discontinued and this scent is no longer available in the new one. My favorite scent in the new line is the lime one but I really miss the Mandarin. It was a grey, opaque deodorant that went on very smoothly. It has mixed reviews, but I found it lasted me all day with medium activity. It still left a little at the bottom but due to the ingredients, it gets really close to using it all up. Shea butter, Neem (no scent noticeable), aloe vera, etc...lots of goodies on the ingredients list. I like this brand because they make fair trade black soaps and body wash as well, which I still use. 2.65 oz tube of their current line runs about $12 for a two pack on Amazon. 

3. Extrino - Aluminim Free Deodorant with Coconut Oil, Blood Orange 

I got this as a freebie. The smell is amazing but the product is only so-so. I wouldn't buy it again. The consistency was disappointing (the coconut oil would harden the deodorant) and and there was a lot left in the tube. A 2.5 oz tube is approx $12 on Amazon. 

4. Schmidt's, Rose and Vanilla natural deodorant

Hmmmm, I'm have mixed feelings about this one. On one hand, it smells great if you can get used to the scent. I got a lot of compliments on it. The tube has 3.25 oz in it so very generous...or should be. The downside is the deodorant is very dependant on surrounding temperature or something. Mine actually has tiny clumps and goes on super thick. Not very cost efficient. It also doesn't hold it's "shape" well so some will fall off the tube. It works well, but definitely opaque on the skin and messy. A 3.25 oz tube runs less than $9 on Amazon. 

5. Secret, NO. 9 - Lavender + Lemon

I cannot speak highly enough of this product. I got it for free as a Product tester. Other than the added fragrance (why, Secret, why?!), It's the most perfect natural Deodorant I've found so far. Check out my other post, but you can't go wrong with this! I can't wait to try the other scents if they release them. The price is a bit high. A 2.6 oz tube runs about $12 on Amazon, currently $5 off of you buy two. 

6. Seventh Generation deodorant, Mountain Morning 

Tbd. It smells a bit manly lol! I'd still wear it. It was another freebie. 

7. FREEDOM natural Deodorant, Lavender Citrus. 

Tbd. This was free through company rebate. It smells nice and goes on smoothly. We shall see! 

Hopefully this post will either encourage you to venture out to try natural deodorants or give you a few newbies to try. 

Have you ever tried natural Deodorant? Which did you like (or dislike)? šŸ’œ

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  • Reenah

    Great review! Iā€™d love to try the Secret No. 9 šŸ˜‰

  • KarenMartin

    I've tried Native's natural deodorant in vanilla it smells really good and works ok. I got it as a freebie from Home Testers club. I've wondered about that Lume' that you see advertised on youtube and TV all the time but haven't tried yet. My family has a history of Alzheimer disease and have been trying to find an aluminum free deodorant option, preferably an all natural. Secret has an Aluminum and dye free that I have currently been using, but I don't think it is considered an all natural. I am definitely going to check out the Secret #9 you mentioned. I always have pretty good luck with Secrets products.

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