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Here's How I Cut Out Acne This Week

T-shirt this: Pimples & Zits & Blemishes & Acne.

Tell me a more perfect shirt that describes my very existence at this very moment. Tell. Me. TBH, it’s been an extremely tough season for my skin this summer in New York City. The city’s pollution, mixed with high heat, humidity, and yeah, stress, have not been very kind to my skin – like, at all. We’re talking about multiple blemishes sprouting up in a row, forehead acne on display on my forehead and cystic ones nefariously burying deep into my pores. Was I a hormonal teenager again? Was this my new reality? Could I be a beauty editor with an imperfect complexion?

I decided I needed to take matters into my own feeble, manicured hands. That is, battling acne once and for all. For an entire month I did ~everything~ I could do to prevent any new blemishes from appearing and treat the ones I already had. Throughout a more holistic approach and a wonder product, this is what happened.

I used an acne mask. Even on the subway.

Whether it’s benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or even tea tree oil none have been effective at getting rid of my blemishes. But the one thing that I probably was looking over was sulfur. When Sunday Riley (with its cute AF emerald green products like the U.F.O. we reviewed here) sent me their newest product, the Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment mask, I was totally game to try. I mean, I was desperate to get rid of these mother suckers.

The yellow green mask comes in an emerald tube and contains 10% sulfur, 4% niacinamide + 1% zinc with bentonite clay, manuka, tea tree, turmeric and neem. All ingredients that are said to clear acne altogether. Instructions say to place on your face for 20 minutes and wash off or use as an overnight spot treatment. I went above and beyond and actually placed my acne mask on whenever I had the moment. Whether I was walking down to get my coffee, riding the subway from Brooklyn, I was diligent in spooking away my future spouses all the while scaring off my pimples with this beautiful green mask.

And voila! After a day or two, I noticed that my blemishes were smaller, the acne spots were less red, weird ugly bumps were going away and my cystic acne started to die. The best acne mask I’ve used? A hard swipe right. 

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