Herbivore Botanicals Emerald Oil for Combo Skin.. sent from heaven? ☁️

Hi everyone, Alexa here with my first ever video on PrismPop.
💚 Today I tell you about my most valuable product to date... The Emerald Hemp Seed Deep Moisture Glow Oil by Herbivore
✨ I use this because I have combination skin so I use this product in the areas that get drier during certain seasons. 
☝ Texture: It's not too oily and feels amazing on my skin when placed on it is very clear
🌵 I like to use this when I feel like my skin is a little dry.
😍 This is such an easy product to apply all you have to do is place it all over your skin and rub it in and you are good for a couple of days. 
💧 I would recommend this product to anyone who has combination skin and wants to make sure that they have moisture without having to use a ton of products
💰 I love this product and believe it is so worth the price tag that it has it works like MAGIC!
😍 If you want to try this beautiful oil make sure to click "I wanna try" and follow me for more videos where I show you my favorite products and try new ones!!
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