Hello Peppermint!

So for this product my feet were not a bad as my husbands! He constantly battles having scaly, flakey,dry feet and I am so glad I used this product on him because it truely shows how wonderful it works. 

First let's start by looking at this πŸ“¦ isn't it ADORABLE! 🐼

So let's go over the steps on how we personally used this product. 

#1 First we opened this adorable πŸ“¦ and pulled out the little booties. 

#2 We made sure to wash his tootsies 

Then we were ready 

#3 Time to put on the booties 

So for our process we put socks on over his feet, this helped keep the booties tight and secure. Not to mention it helped keep the heat in πŸ”₯ which also seemed to really help with the softening. 

I was really suprised how much moisturizer was in the little booties. Did I mention when you open it the peppermint smell hits your nose πŸ‘ƒand it smells AMAZING!!


The package states to leave the booties on for 15-20 minutes we wanted to get the most out of the product so my husband slipped on the socks and actually fell asleep with them on 😯😯 so he ended up having them on for 3.5 hours!! πŸ˜† however it was totally a blessing as you will see.

Below are before photos, prepare yourself

And now for the after....drum roll.......

I am blown away!! The results are way beyond my expectation, I was literally speechess, my husband has NEVER had his feet look or feel this good! My conclusion?....If you suffer from dry/cracked feet this is a must on the product list!

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