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Head-To-Toe K-Beauty Products To Help Your Glow ✨

We all love K-Beauty don't we? What started as movement overseas, it winded it’s way through the internet and became a cult favorite —and has now become a mainstream beauty movement that we all love and enjoy. Who doesn’t want luminous, youthful and hydrated skin? Me!🤚 

So I was more than excited to receive my Prism Pop Oh K! tester bag and wanted to share my impressions on these hypoallergenic & cruelty free products to get yourself a glowy k-beauty complexion every week ✨.

🧼I always start my skincare with a good cleanser. I like IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser. Depending on how much makeup or build up I have on my face I may double cleanse or even use some BanillaCo Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm. I follow up with my Zoe Ayla Ice Roller to get rid of any puffiness or redness and help get my skin ready for masks. 

👉🏻Now onto the products!

🐆Oh K! SOS Skin Clarifying Leopard Sheet Mask. This has really helped my skin this week! Dealing with the dreaded “maskne” brought on my medical masks while I am stressed—my skin just can’t stop breaking out! Applying this mask for 10-20 minutes allows your skin to become clarified with Willow Bark Extract (Salicylic Acid) and Tea Tree Oil. The other stand out ingredients of Centella Asiatica and Camellia Senensis (Green Tea) help to soothe, ease inflammation and act as antibacterials against acne. You can guarantee with these powerhouse ingredients that you will have clean and clear skin without drying your skin out. I had remarkably hydrated skin after use! 

🍉Oh K! Brightening Watermelon Sheet Mask
When you've gotten your acne under control you may want to work on brightening your skin to help with that glow. This mask is made with an environmentally friendly fibrous material to help keep the essence from evaporating and create a vacuum of Vitamin C, Centella & Watermelon Extract that both hydrates and brightens your skin tone in 10-20 minutes flat. It has a very light pleasant scent and feels nice and cooling.

💧Oh K! Replenishing Jeju Island Hydrogel Mask 
After targeting blemishes and working on brightening earlier in the week, you can move onto giving your skin a much needed punch of moisture. It’s a longer 20-30 minute mask that uses a two piece hydrogel mask formula infused with Prickly Pear, Gotu Kola, Chamomile and Green Tea—all of which are known for being moisture infusers. After a long work week this mask rejuvenated my dry and tired skin. 

🦶🏻Oh K! Soothing Peppermint Foot Mask I was the most excited about this mask! Who doesn’t want to soothe your aching feet after a long week? I like how thick these were so I was able to do some light movement while wearing them to get the peppermint as dispersed as possible. It was so easy to put your feet in each “sock” for 15-20 minutes and kick back or do some light movement. The mask had a slight warm and tingly feeling after awhile following an initial cooling sensation from the peppermint and left my feet feeling refreshed and softened. 

💎Oh K! Glowing Chok Chok Moisturizer (With Citrine) “Chok Chok” literally translates to moist and in Korean skincare its the art of obtaining moisturized, bouncy and glassy skin. This moisturizer is the star of the show and definitely helps to get that complexion. It’s a white creamy formulation but it absorbs rather quickly and evenly. It has sheabutter, rapeseed oil, citrine and vitamins that plump and moisturize. It has a pearlescent sheen to it and it is “buildable” in that a heavier layer will give you more of that bouncy and glowy skin whereas a thinner layer will tend towards a more normal look. I generally don’t love serums or moisturizers that give you too much glow but the Chok Chok Moisturizer is really nice because it doesn’t give you a sweaty or oily look and it feels so light on your skin. It’s just a really nice and youthful lit-from-within kind of look. 

All of the products in this tester bag were unique and special in their own ways. But all had one major thing in common: my skin felt fantastic after each one!  I recommend these products wholeheartedly especially right now. Self care is so important and necessary when things aren’t always well with the world. When your skin feels good, you feel good! And with a very reasonable price point, easy accessibility via stores like Ulta why wouldn’t you do some thing for yourself? 

So tell me, what K-beauty products are you using to take care of yourself?

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  • Sarah Wennihan

    Oh my gosh, this was such a thorough and good review. Thank you for going over the different products and showing pics of you using them. ❤️ Stay safe.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Wonderful written review and the photos rock! I personally loved the watermelon mask and foot mask out of our bags.

  • Stephanie Esparza

    Great reviews of Oh K ! My favorite Product was the Peppermint foot mask!

  • Myshell

    Awesome post !! It was seriously really good , I loved the detail that you gave it ! I think I liked the foot mask the best I loved the moisturizing that it gave my feet and how soft they were afterward