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Hello Beautiful People ,                                              My name's Myshell and I'm a new influencer with my own YouTube channel !! I'm always coming up with new looks to keep my crew entertained and I'm going to link my link below so you can join me on my channel !! Today's look is really simple to do once you get the hang of it but I would absolutely recommend to have a Q tip handy , Just Incase there's any mess that you would like to clean up . Below is a Chart that explains where to place your Eyeshadow .This Eyeshadow look was created using the following items .                                                            * #1- Morphe 35 V Good Vibes Pallete.                     * #2- Flare , Liqud Eyeshadow / Eyeliner.                  This Morphe pallete is absolutely stunning ! Its 35 Beautiful colors , Some Mattes , Some Shimmers and I truly love this pallete and all the different looks that I come with using it :)So , First were going to take the Icy white Color labeled #1 and swipe this under the brow bone , Concentrating on the high part . You can also take this color and highlight in between the eyes with it if you'd like . # 2 This color I refer to as Cumin and we're going to use this as our transition color , Sweeping it in a rainbow drawing motion . #3 This color is a darker brown and we'll go ahead and sweep it under are Cumin Color Using that same rainbow motion . Now for our Beautiful shimmer shade , Lightly mist your Eyeshadow brush with water for applying , This well make the color more shiny . And Now were going to act like we're cutting a crease but instead of using concealer were going to go in with are liqud Eyeshadow , But for this look were only going to go half way . Thats it !! You've created the " HALO " , Some people say the eyes are the windows to the soul , And just like love at first sight , I fell in love with this Look from the first time that I seen it . I hope you'll get alot of use out of it to . Once you get the hang out of it you can easily alter the halo to go all the way around if you wish or change the liqud Eyeshadow color , FLARE comes in 5 different colors and there all super stunning !! Come Join me on YouTube I promise to show you some more breathtakingly Beautiful looks and show you how to do them .                                           THIS IS MY LINK TO JOIN ME ON YOUTUBE !!                                   And I can't wait to see you there :) , This is Myshell signing out , What's your favorite Eyeshadow pallete ? Comment down below and let me know !!

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