Hey everyone I have been recently on my search for affordable quality hair care. Now I am a mom 5 with 3 boys and 2 girls.  Me and girl have curls but different hair textures. I am always looking for products the 3 of us can use and not need a million products.  At Walmart I have found my shinning star brand called hairitage hair by mindy McKnight. I have using their double down conditioning wash shampoo.  It cleans and moisturizes my scalp and hair. You dont need a lot and it lathers without all suds.  It lathers up easily and fast. When I rinsed  out the double down it came out so easily without leaving any residue.  My hair and my daughters hair is so soft and manageable with every use. I also live that her line is vegan, cruelty free,  color safe. It is also free of nasty chemicals like sulfate, silicone, parabens  phthalate and minern oils.

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  • Sarah

    This sounds great! How much does this go for? Would love to find a multi person shampoo in my house also!! Hows the fragrance does it come in different types?