Hair Serum!

After 4 weeks of usage, I am really happy with the results. I was having severe hair loss so I was looking for the best hair growth serum that could help to stop the hair fall and thanks to Collective Laboratory for making this awesome product that really works on my hair. I had thin hair on top of my head and after continuous use, I have really seen a remarkable improvement in my hair. My hair fall has actually stopped and the best part is I have seen new baby hair coming out of the follicle which makes me really happy and prompts me to buy more. It does not irritate my scalp and is not greasy at all. It is easy to use and I only use it once a day, just apply it on your hair, and let it do its work. It smoothens the hair and you can feel the difference in texture as soon as you apply it. After using this for a few weeks I have also noticed how soft and stronger my hair is and the best part is its pleasant minty smell. It makes me feel cool and refreshed. I am so glad I added this serum to my hair care routine. My bottle is about to be finished and after seeing it’s astonishing results I will definitely going to purchase this again. This hair growth serum is prepared with 100% natural ingredients like Ginseng (stimulates the scalp and encourages hair growth biotin), Pumpkin seed oil (nourishes hair follicles), Biotin (to strengthen hair), Lilac stem cells (repair strand damage and reduce scalp irritation), Malabar Kino Bark (for balancing scalp and prevent infection) and Burdock Root (that prevents bacteria) which are safe to use daily without any side effects.

This is a great product and is a must-have product in my skincare lineup. My hair looks soft, healthy, and gorgeous. After seeing its results it is no wonder why it is my favorite serum.

Hair serum is:

  1. Easy to apply
  2. Non-sticky
  3. Reduces the hair fall 
  4. Smells nice 
  5. Vegan and cruelty-free
  6. Improves hair growth
  7. Make hair soft and shiny 
  8. Leave the hair moisturized

This is a powerful hair serum that helps to enhance the thickness, strength, and volume of the hair from scalp to root. I strongly recommend this to all and see the change yourself.

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