Guy Trying Organic Skincare Routine (FIRST TIME!)

Hey PrismPop, it’s Nick! Today I’m doing my very first 3-step skincare routine featuring the Beyond Grateful Detoxifying Cleanser by Trisha Watson Organics. Make sure you watch my next video trying out Trisha Watson’s Flower Girl Toner, too - (coming soon) 🌸
Is it bad that I didn’t know what a 3-step skincare routine was before today? Doesn’t matter, because I’m building my men’s skincare kit from the ground up right here on PrismPop. #Goals!
My Sample Product Review:
👩‍🌾 Brand: Trisha Watson creates natural skincare products in small batches using organic farming practices. As an organic farmer herself, she’s dedicated to clean and sustainable business practices which is great news for the earth 🌎
⭐️ Product Info: The activated charcoal face wash is called “Beyond Grateful” and it is a detoxifying cleanser that cleans the pollution off of your face with some gentle exfoliation. 
🌀 The Packaging: The cleanser comes in a nondescript amber glass bottle, which will look great on my future #shelfie. It’s not overly girly or pink or anything, so I’d call it a gender-neutral design for sure 👍
🕹 Application & Use: The formula for Beyond Grateful is nice and natural. It’s not full of fragrances, just that activated charcoal, and it felt cool and smooth on my face. Afterwards, I could actually tell a difference on my face! Somehow it felt brighter, glowier - is that the word? I’m learning.
💭 Final Thoughts: From my experience, I would definitely recommend this cleanser for guys and girls and everybody in-between. And what’s cool right now is that you can get it for FREE in the Sample Shop (just pay shipping & handling). Seriously, don’t miss this skincare steal because it won’t last long!
🎉 About the Sample Store!
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THEN, review your sample purchases just like I did to join the PrismPop community and help others discover the right skincare products for them. (Click here to review samples)
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  • Shelly

    looks like it works well, moisturizes and everything want to try this as well

  • Sarah

    Great job you have given much needed info for mens skin care products! Huge help with getting my husband good product

  • Donna Taylor

    Nice product. Great to see a quy reviewing the product. Great job!

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