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Green with Envy

I received the Organic Skin Co. Tester bag and let me tell you about their AMAZING eyeshadow pots! I received the shades Greenstone and Silhouette. Green is my favorite color, but I'm not normally one for bold eye color. Never hurts to try something new, right? 

The shade of green is gorgeous! It's like a slightly shimmery emerald green with gorgeous color. You do not need to use a lot to get rich color either. 

The Silhouette shade is a deep, bold smoky gray, which is perfect for a nice smoky eye. 

I used the Greenstone as the prominent color and the Silhouette to add a little depth..I finished the look with a glitter liner for some sparkle. 

The shadow itself is has a smooth consistency, although I did find it a little difficult to spread, but as I worked it with my brush, it got easier to work with. It's not heavy and does not get dry, flaky, or crease. 

I love that the products are made with natural minerals and extracts and their sustainable packaging is innovative and environment conscious. 

I would definitely recommend both products! 

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