Getting The Most Out Of Your Sheet Mask (Green Tea Extract)

Hi everyone CJ here with another video to my PrismPop account where I try the Green Tea Mask by The Face Shop for the first time! 
👁The mask is supposed to soothe your pores and hydrate your skin
🌹It smells like flowers were thrown in with some green tea
👻The mask looks like a ghost perfect for Halloween!
⏳I left it on for 10 minutes
💦I laid on my bed for the sheet to do its hydration magic 
🍌I peeled it off from the top to the bottom
☁️My skin felt so nice after the mask and I made sure that I pat the excess into my skin
💧I could definitely feel the hydration after the mask. 
💭Overall: This mask does a great job at hydrating and I would love to try more masks by the face shop because this was so hydrating and it was quick and easy!
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  • Tonilynn Rosario

    wonderful review on this sheet mask. Love me a mask thats moisturizing and has lots of essence.

  • Liz Ball

    I like doing these masks with my daughter

  • Tonya Smith

    Enjoyed your video thanks

  • Jennifer Henning

    Sounds really great. I'm constantly looking for different facial mask that will do the job and where I can see a difference. Thanks for the review.

  • haku izunami

    thank you so much for your honest post on this! its very encouraging to hear that you had such a positive experience with this! it really does look hydrating and soothing! i seriously want to try this one out! did you see any kind of long term benefits after you used this?

  • Lori Odaniel

    Thanks so much for this simple mask i love the green tea looks great.

  • Lisa Martin

    I love sheet masks and I love green tea I will definitely be buying this

  • Ja-Nee

    Great tea mask are the best!! Great video. Sheet mask are the best. I tend to get the best out of my skincare and makeup by priority. I use more on areas that need and less on areas that do not. I know it sounds crazy but sometimes you have to let your face breath. So only certain areas may get more attention.

  • Anna hudson

    Green tea and flowers nice,this seems to work fast,does a nice moisturizing job,if I run out of moisturizer or makeup remover ,I use Vaseline it works wonders.

  • Crystal Jones

    Sheet masks are my favorite!As well as green tea!I probably will purchase this one.Face shot has amazing products.

  • Patricia

    This mask sounds good with green tea that's so beneficial, nice review! To get the most out of my skincare and makeup, I exfoliate and mask, also derma plan to eliminate the fuzzy hair, and facilitate skincare penetration, and absorption, I don't do it that often because my facial fuzz doesn't really grow that fast, and I favor more traditional exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells,, also use my Clarisonic to deep cleanse 3x a week, plus moisturize and prime to get the best out of my makeup, the barrier it creates extends the life of my makeup by an extra 6 hrs at least.

  • Angela Polk

    Nice, i am going to try this out. Cause, i love green tea it has so many different benefits.

  • Elizabeth ML

    I always follow the proper order of applying skincare products. And allow enough time in between. 😊

  • Ashley Hunt

    Sometimes if I layer my skincare it can cause my face to break out, so I only layer about once a week, and use only a serum and my water based Moisturizer all other days! As for makeup I always use Moisturizer and primer under. It always helps to put a barrier between my skin and makeup!

  • Shauna Gholson

    I get the most out of my makeup and skincare by moisturizing. This helps my skin stay hydrated whil helping my makeup aplly much more smoothly.

  • Amanda

    Great Review!👍 I use No Pore Blem primer from @touchinsol to make my makeup last all day long with a flawless finish, I get the most out of it!😍

  • Courtney

    I've tried different sheet masks, and I don't think they are for me. You can only use them once, and they leave my skin feeling slimy. I always have to wipe off half the goo because it won't sink in my skin. I prefer clay masks. They make my skincare routine smoother and go farther because they help my skin stay healthy

  • Hallie

    Skincare is expensive. I have no shame in cutting a bottle open to get every bit out. It is amazing how much is left behind when the pump no longer works.

  • Shannon Grant

    One thing I do to make the most out of my skincare masks is, take scissors and cut the bottom to ensure all of the mask’s essence is totally out. I then use the rest on my neck and décolleté. You’d think they’d come up with a better option, so those two areas aren’t left out, but until then- we must improvise !

  • lea

    Awesome !!👏 love watching these reviews!

  • Brenda Parker

    Great review! Sounds like a great product. I like to apply serums when skin is dry. After makeup is applied I use face primer and eye shadow primer.

  • Courtney

    Nice review! To answer the question of the day, I feel and see a huge difference when I apply my serums while my face is wet. For makeup, I always put on my "threes:" hyaluronic acid, sunscreen, and primer.

  • Sarah

    I double wash my face, apply toner then glycolic acid serum. In the A.M. I start with face primer and eyeshadow primer after makeup is applied I set all with a setting spray!

  • Jessie bennett

    Any leftover product in my sheet mash sachet, I put into an empty jar and label which product it is and use it at a later date. No sense in throwing all that yummy skin goodness in the trash!

  • Ariana Crenshaw

    Green Tea is always a great addition to my skin care!

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