Getting The Most Out Of Your Sheet Mask (Green Tea Extract)

Hi everyone CJ here with another video to my PrismPop account where I try the Green Tea Mask by The Face Shop for the first time! 
👁The mask is supposed to soothe your pores and hydrate your skin
🌹It smells like flowers were thrown in with some green tea
👻The mask looks like a ghost perfect for Halloween!
⏳I left it on for 10 minutes
💦I laid on my bed for the sheet to do its hydration magic 
🍌I peeled it off from the top to the bottom
☁️My skin felt so nice after the mask and I made sure that I pat the excess into my skin
💧I could definitely feel the hydration after the mask. 
💭Overall: This mask does a great job at hydrating and I would love to try more masks by the face shop because this was so hydrating and it was quick and easy!
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