Great Multi Tasking Cleanser

I was on the hunt for a gentler cleansrer for my acne prone oily skin. My previous go to soap became unavaible -African Black Soap in the raw paste. While it worked I read taht as we age gentelr producrs are better for our skin so I sought out a new cleanser, felt that it was time to switch up my regimen, I came across Sephora's AMA Clean Skin Gel I am in love with this multi tasking cleanser. This was a first time buy but I have since reordrdered and intend to keep my cabinet stocked. Its gentle enough to apply twice a day Morning and Night use a nickel sized amount on your finger tips massage on wet skin rinse with tepid water pat dry then continue with or routine or not

What I like about Sehora Collection AMA Clean Skin Gel:

  • It is easy to use and dispense 
  • Its a multitasking product so on those nights that you are too worn out for an extensive routine you can cleanse and tone in a single wash and pat dry motion and still feel good that you washed your face and makeup off before bed
  • It has a no smell fragrance so for those who like fragrance free this will satify your wishes
  • You can see reusltsin one wash skin is visibly brighter and over time any blemishes become less visible
  • Skin is softer and smoother and it allows for your moisturiser to absorb more readily
  • Evens your skintone and brightens dark areas



MY picture shows my skin after 4 weeks of use I am pleased with the results both the simple packaging and the price point. This now my regular cleanser

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