Great moisturizer

Been using  this for about a week now,  the jar is plastic, so less breakage, the creme  is very thick, so little  goes a long way,  the jar says pea size amounts,  they weren't  kidding  lol this jar would last about 6 mins or more lol even if u used it 2x day lol  there is very little  scent, so even sensitive  skin could use it, I have dry skin, this really  helps alot,  , it soaks in really  fast, and leaves  my face feeling soft and radiant,  I dont  see why someone  with oily skin couldn't  use it bc it soaks in and  is dry after that,  it really  makes my skin radiant,  I can definitely  tell a big difference  after it soaked  in, so I'll continue  to use , for awhile,  just bc I like the way it feels  on my skin, cant really  tell it's on, plus the moisture  is so good, 

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  • GauriChauhan

    Amazing review. I love how you have explained everything. This really helped me