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Great Contour & Highlight Palette

I am really fair complected and have a hard time finding contour shades that will match with My skintone, instead of looking like I caked my face with mud. 😂  The issue that I have had when using cream or powder contours is that the shades are way off for My skintone, as in like a dark orange to dark brown shade an I really don’t like that at all! So of course I was looking for a contour palette that had light to medium contour shades. I have heard really good reviews on ELF products, so I had to purchase it and try it for myself. 

💭 My Thoughts On This Palette 💭 

The palette is matte black and is the perfect size to carry in your purse for when your on the go and want to touch up your contour or highlight. The Elf Contour/Highlight Palette contains four shades. Two of which are for contouring, theirs a lighter shade and a medium shade. The other two shades are highlighters, one of them is white shade an the other is like a banana powder. When I’m contouring I like to start off with the lightest shade on my face first then I like to mix both shades, this way I’m slowly building My contour instead of going overboard and looking like I took a bath in mud! When I’m doing just a neutral look I like to use the highlighters in this palette because their suttle and it gives a nice natural look! I am so glad that I decided to try the ELF Palette because I do like the shades, they blend amazingly, their very pigmented and buildable! I do recommend this palette for anyone with fair to light skin and it’s a very affordable palette. 

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