Grace + Stella Self-Care Unboxing!

Just recently, I opened up a PR box from Grace & Stella full of three lovely self-care items for cleaning and refreshing the skin! 
First up, we’ve got a super fun 7 in 1 spin brush with 7 different heads, which you can choose from depending on what kind of texture feels best on your skin type!
Next up is the Rose Water Facial Mist - to keep your skin fresh & hydrated throughout the day. Personally, my face gets very heated, very quickly on warmer days--especially when I’m cooking food on the stovetop. I always like to keep some kind of a mist in the kitchen for a quick spritz in the middle of my day after I cook.
Last but not least, we’ve got the Lavender Lotion Travel Size. These days with the amount we are washing our hands, the skin might be feeling pretty dry--the lavender lotion is the perfect lotion for keeping your skin nourished & moisturized.
Hope you enjoyed unboxing these products with me!

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  • Robin Bell

    I love a good scrub brush

  • Brandi Wells

    What a great review, love it

  • Lisa Donahue

    What a AWESOME set!! The 7 in 1 spin brush looks AMAZING, you could handle so many tasks all with this one device...yes please!! I really need to get one of these, I haven't used one in such a long time. Anywhoo, I digress...moving along to that facial spray, it sounds wonderful!! Rose water is such a great moisturizing ingredient, plus it smells HEAVENLY!! Speaking of heavenly scents, I bet the Lavender hand cream smells GORGEOUS too!! What's not to LOVE here?! 😍❤

  • Desiree Krajewski

    I'm so sick and tired of rose spray. It's not that great and everyone is making and selling it.

  • Alexa Lopez-Flores

    This product looks so good and I always wanted to try it out. Thank you for showing us how it looks.

  • Shamika Lewis

    Look good!!!

  • Audrey poeling

    I have been wanting to try this for a long time, ive heard great things about this product and would love a chance to be able to try it out but with 4 kids being a single mom the money get tight so it would be like christmas morning to a 5 year old if i got to try this out, really hoping to jump up and down screaming its my christmas, its my christmas like my 5 year old did, lol. Oh please with a 🍒 on top!!!

  • Audrey poeling

    I wanna try

  • Monique

    Goodness! I've been wanting to try one of those skin facial brushes for months now. I didn't know which were the best ones. They just had 3 changing heads. The one in this Grace & Stella box has seven! I'm impressed! Wow I hope I get to try this box. I'm looking forward to trying the Rose Water face mist. This summer is going to be a scorcher and this mist will be just what Drs. Grace & Stella ordered. Lol. I love the scent of lavender and this lotion that comes in the box has to be fabulous. Lavender is fun but also calming. I really hope I can get my hands (and face:)) on this box from Grace & Stella Self-Care.

  • Antonia

    ive always wanted to try ths!

  • Shelby Rodenberg

    this would make cleaning the face so much easier and so much more fun

  • Joylynn Grindle

    Absolutely love the review. Never tried this when the one i have quits working I'll have you try this out. I would love to see PUR X BARBIE AND HIPDOT X SPONGEBOB Collaborate together. Between the two and the colors they have I think it would be amazing watching two of my favorite brands work together.

  • Kelly K

    Girl how are you getting all these OR boxes? Seriously can you you help a girl out? You are so lucky! Anyway, you look amazing As always. I'm going to have to check out that lavender cream. I love lavender. That rose water mist looks like heaven and rose water is all the new craze now. As far as the daily questions go? I am not exactly sure if you mean a collaboration between brands or products. If you mean brands, I would love to see you guys collaborate with Jeffree Star. I absolutely love her products and personality. If you mean products, then either a prime, foundation, and SPF in one would be awesome or primer and tinted moisturizer with SPF. Thanks so much PrismPop for this opportunity!! I really need some new primers right now so winning this would be fantastic! Have a great day!

  • Naf

    Good demonstration of products. Haven't tried this brand yet. I'd love to see any beauty collaboration with small but also natural beauty brands like colourpop or E.L.F for example. They should collaborate on their new products and since is around the corner, some moisturizer or skin care products would be good too.

  • Jackie Jones

    Cool products to unbox.

  • Kristine

    Cool products. Would love to know how this skin exfoliater differs from others. Hoping to see an old school Hollywood glam collab.

  • Emerald Martinez


  • Mariangel Carmona

    Wow, I must live in a cavern because I never heard about this brand..

  • Amanda Alfreds

    I need a new face brush in my life! & I absolutelyy love rose water spray, I use Mario Badescu's 💕

  • Maggie

    This is beautiful!

  • Zineb

    That spray smalls really good ! The cleansing brush set is amazing

  • Melissa Green

    Lovely video, thanks for sharing this experience with us all.

  • Ashley Chiarello

    I would love to see a bronze collaboration for summer including new makeup products such as tower 28 beauty’s illuminating bronzer, kajas vacay shine glowey lip balm oil, NARS paradise found bronzing powder, and illamasqua beyond liquid highlighting drops!

  • Pauline

    The collaboration is ok. I want the face exfoliating spin brush w/attachments looks like fun. Want the rose facial mist too. Thanks for this video.

  • Ja-Nee

    This is a great collab. I would love to see Jackie A. do another collection. Her collabs are so good and include everyone.