A Holy Grail Highlighter by OFRA Cosmetics!!

Hey, PrismPop! I’m Crystal. Today I'll be using Ofra x Madison Miller highlighter in "Sea Shimmer" by OFRA Cosmetics! OFRA has quickly become one of my favorite highlighter brands! 
✨ I got this highlighter in my Ipsy Glambag for the month of September!
🖌  I used this highlighter to give my cheekbones a little pop!
🖌 Then I use this highlight on the bridge of my nose, to make my nose appear more narrow.
🖌 And finally, a pop of this rose gold for the inner corners of my eyes. ✨
**My Thoughts on this Highlighter**
🎨 This highlighter gives a really solid pearl effect that looks amazing in the light.
🎨  Here is a description of the shade:
"Seashimmer," a true Rose Gold.
**Final Thoughts**
As a makeup artist, I definitely recommend this highlighter to anyone looking to add an intense pop of highlight.
🥰 The consistency is smooth and blends well so it’s easy to use.
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