✨Golden Goddess Eyeshadow Look. YES, HONEYYYY 🍯

✨Golden Goddess Eyeshadow Look. YES, HONEYYYY 🍯

Hello hello are you ready for this easier-than-it-looks Golden Honey LEWK! Let’s dive right in with the Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette. I’ve always loved Urban Decay Naked Palettes’ color stories and I’m so glad they decided to come out with a golden palette to follow there Heat Palette (also a banger).

🍯Eye Look Breakdown 🍯
Keeper - This is a wonderful warm crease color that compliments my skin tone perfectly.
Drip + Sting- I used these two shades to add more dimension to my outer corner. I’m not surprised that these mattes blended beautifully together, I mean it’s Urban Decay! 
Golden + Honey - Time for golden magic on the lid! I started off with packing on Golden on the center lid with the dense brush. I really liked the true-gold tone but I wanted something it little more green in the inner corner. Honeyis that star shade of the palette IMO, don’t miss out on this green-gold!

🐝After some eyeliner, lashes, and rhinestones cuz I’m extra AF, this golden goddess got me feeling like a Queen Bee!
💯Verdict - I’m in love with this palette and I wait to use the other shades to create a variety of looks! 

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