Golden Bliss

These face and body glitters are super cute. I like them for so many reasons. They came in this cute little pink mesh baggie which came inside of the PrismPop cute girly colorful bag. You can see the product through the little pod so you know what you're getting. And the names are labeled as well. 

The uses of this glitter are fantastic because it can be used in so many ways. As a moisturizer, base, highlighter, and eyeshadows. I personally like to wear it all over my body. You get a nice glow. 

The texture is soft and smooth like whipped cream. It's easy to use and very blendable. Super shiny and full of gold shimmers. 

When applying this glitter you don't have to use a lot because it spreads very well. A little bit goes a long way. And it just melts on to the skin. When cleaning just use soap and warm water or a makeup remover, every easy to take off.

The feel of it is super soft and comfortable. This glitter is so lightweight and non-sticky. It may transfer onto clothes but only if you use a crazy amount. Again! A little bit goes a long way. 


Opalescent* a light goldtone with a pink hint of the pearly gold of course. Can be good to use as a blush/highlight.

Disco gold* very light goldtone with bigger bits of gold glitter that stands out from the others. Can be good to use as a shadow or for inner corners of the eyes. 

Bronze gold* very noticeable bronze golden tone, bold and dark golden. Can be good to use as a crease color, highlighter, or dark golden body glow. 

Peach deluxe* the lightest shade of gold here. Very gold shimmer you can see. Can be good to use all over the body.  

Deep gold* very deep golden tones can be good to use all over the body or shadow. 

Rose gold* this gold is more of a middle tone of light and dark gold. Not really rose gold to me but hey. Can be used as a shadow.

My favorite it the Opalescent and Disco Gold. What is yours??

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