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Glowing skin!

The Face Shop makes a whole line of all natural face masks, made from plants, veggies, herbs, etc... I used the Real Nature Cucumber face mask, which, of course has cucumber extract. They grind up the plants to extract all the good for you stuff, and blend it with moisturizers, which creates the extracts. The Cucumber mask hydrates and restores moisture, and it left my skin feeling clean, soft, plump and glowing. Plus, I felt rejuvenated afterwards, like I had a mini spa treatment. A 15 minute break, and a luminous complexion was a win-win for me!

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  • Madison

    Aloe vera is such a good natural plant. I really enjoy using face masks. Its like a spa day at home. I have not yet tried this one yet so I will have to order it to give it a try. Thanks.

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