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Glow Recipe Pineapple C Brightening Serum Review

🍍 It smells like pineapple comes with a dropper applicator. It’s very lightweight, non-sticky and It doesn’t sting.
🎁One quick thing that stood out for me is the packaging. Even though the packaging looks transparent, it’s not. The bottle has UV protection so sun rays can’t get into the product, which is great because the sun rays can damage the Vitamin C. I would’ve really loved it if they had taken the packaging one step further and added a pump instead of a dropper.
❤️ I am very impressed with the ingredient list. This product contains ascorbic acid, lactic acid, chamomile, aloe, and hyaluronic acid. I like how they targeted everything from hydration and exfoliation to acne scarring and soothing properties.
🙂It’s been a few days now and I am very happy with the way this product feels. It leaves an immediate radiance to the skin, and it absorbs quickly and leaves a non-sticky finish. It also makes my skin feel hydrated enough that I don’t feel the need to put a moisturizer over it. I always apply the 
Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Hydrating Mist before I applied this serum though, so that could possibly be why my skin feels hydrated enough to skip moisturizer.
⭐I will update this post in 6 weeks to let you know my acne scarring is getting along with it, but so far, I can already tell you for sure that it is hydrating and soothing.
Although the price is a little steep for $49 dollars, I do have other Vitamin C serums way more expensive than this.
👍Something that would’ve really made this into a perfect product for me would’ve been the presence of a pump instead of a dropper, especially for the price. It is not a deal breaker though. Overall, I like this product so far.
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