Glossier Lash Slick Review & Demo - Does it live up to the hype?

I was born with thin and short lashes, so it's hard to find good mascara that naturally lifts and lengthen my eyelashes without it looking chunky or fake. I bought Glossier's Lash Slick as soon as it came out. 
Their whole brand is based around their products being fit for every woman.
And not to my surprise, this lash stick actually does the job with enhancing my eyelashes while stilll making it llook natural!
Check out how it looks from the side - there's some real curl going on! But it's still Glossier so the look is very subtle.

4/5 would recommend (for those who want an everyday natural look)

Have you tried any hyped up mascaras and how did they work for you?
If not, what mascara would you wanna hype up based off your experience?

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  • Pauline

    I did not see much of a result for you. Maybe apply more on like several coats. Maybe try false lashes for you.

  • Tonya Smith

    The mascara works very well on you.

  • Anum

    I wanna try

  • brenda dobson

    I would love to try this product!

  • Carla Baumgartner

    Looks great, could definitely see the difference in your lashes once you applied the mascara.

  • Myshell

    The best hyped up mascara I've ever tried was definitely lancome monsieur BIG !! OMG I'm in love this mascara is truly magical it's kinda like applying fake eyelashes without doing so , it truly leaves your eyes laskes looking bigger and thicker than ever , OMG I wander how big it would look with that gloss 😍

  • Kimnee Manalo

    I have a chinky eyes as well... i want to try this product...

  • Janice Williams

    It did give them some length. Plus, I can see it was full. I have the same problem with my lashes. Thanks for sharing.

  • Adaria Johnson

    Does it make them brittle

  • Melissa Griffith

    Wow that really lengthened and curled your lashes. Will have to buy this. I can't stand mascara that clumps the lashes together and looks unnatural and stiff. Have yet to try any Glossier products so I think I will pick this up and some of the liquid shadows. Any other products from this brand you recommend?

  • Bhavika Gupta

    I usually don't use mascara but after watching this I am gonna use this ine

  • Micheala

    This is a good review

  • katherine wu

    I’ve never tried any hyped up mascaras, but based on my experience, e.l.f. cosmetics mascaras should totally be hyped up more! They have a natural look, nice texture, and are super affordable!

  • Kim Pettyjohn

    My eye lashes are so thin. I've tried many different mascaras but I haven't found one that I'm real happy with yet.

  • Liz Morris

    Thank you for this review🌸 I need a very wearable and durable mascara because I rub my eyes without thinking and I want to wear it all day without having to re-apply.

  • Vennessa Gatlin

    I haven't tried this one out before but I would love to try out a mascara that gives a natural look. I do love glam mascaras like Pat Mcgrath Fetisheyes but there are days I just want a natural look too. This sounds absolutely perfect for day to day and like it would be much better than my Mary Kay Ultimate mascara which does tend to clump quite a bit.

  • Natalie

    Never tried Hyped up but definitely interested but my go to for mascara right now is L'oreal Bambi Eyes. It works great at giving me my big flirty 👀 eyes Every time!

  • jessica powell

    I tried the over hyped Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash mascara & I was pretty disappointed. It clumped horribly! I went back to my tried & true Maybelline Great Lash Mascara! It separates, lifts & make my lashes look great every time!

  • Mechelle Heard

    I hear a lot of great things about Glossier in general but this is my first time hearing such a great review of their mascara. The brush itself reminds me of my Lorac Royal Treatment Primer and Mascara Duo. The shape helps reach the corner and bottom lashes with confidence, making them appear fuller. It lengthens and with the help if it's primer you also boost thickness and volume. The wear time is phenomenal with no flaking or transfer. I am a huge fan and doubly so since it's a two in one tube with primer at one end and the mascara at the other.

  • Sary

    That looks great on you! I'll have to add it to my list of mascaras to try. I'm still searching for a good one for me, though I haven't tried any hyped up ones. I used this one called Ready To Wear, though I don't know the brand for *ages*. It was given to me as a gift. It made my lashes look great, but it definitely wasn't waterproof.

  • Amanda

    Great Review! My favorite mascaras are Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash and Too Faced Better than Sex. Both make my eyes POP!!!😍

  • Stephanie Esparza

    The mascara made a difference ,and will look for this product to try for myself.

  • Laura Watson

    I have not tried hyped up by am open to trying new things!!!

  • Tiffany

    Im gonna hype up Milani's Highly Rated mascara because it delivers everything you'd want from a perfect mascara and for ten dollars (or less).

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