Glitter Maxx glitter gel

Hey, everyone, it's Christine here to talk about Glitter Maxx glitter gel makeup by Fun World!
👩‍🎤It's a simple glitter makeup for your face & body. You can really put it anywhere!
🌟It's a wet glitter that eventually dries. TBT 90s!
💫It's sparkly and stays in place well. It's easy to use and in a super convenient small tube that fits anywhere! 
✨Just add a little more sparkle to your day.
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  • Eileen Knowles

    I love to sparkle This sounds like a must have product for me.

  • Amanda Lingle

    This also so reminds me of the 90's when my friends and I would go to the dance clubs and rub glitter down our arms. I love that this product isnt sticky. It didnt have too much of a color on your skin but it still looked shimmery. This would definitely be good for a day and night look. I would also apply it to my eyes for that little pop of glitter shimmer. Thanks for the video post they are so much more informative.