Glam Up’s 2 Step Pimple Patches Actually Work 😱

Glam Up 2 step spot care was definitely one of the more intriguing skincare products that I have come across and to be honest I really enjoyed the experience I had with this particular product. I found this product to be quite fascinating and it does actually work. Glam Up 2 step spot care micro needle patch is a blemish treatment specifically targeted for troublesome pimples that need a little extra attention in order for them to minimize and disappear. There is a two step process which in my opinion is a little time consuming but does provide results. 

The first step is a micro needle patch that contains soothing and calming ingredients as well as some ingredients to help treat the blemish itself. The tiny needles are intended to help the ingredients further penetrate the skin to help with faster absorption. This ultimately helps speed up the process of treatment and improves the healing process as well. You can definitely feel the needles penetrating the skin as you apply the patch. It was a very interesting experience to say the least. It is not painful and does not leave any marks on the skin. In my opinion I do believe that this patch helps speed up the process of minimizing the size of the pimple and overall treating the blemish itself. I notice a big change in my blemish after removing the patch. It is recommended to leave the patch on for about 2-3 hours and then to follow up with the second step. Some of the key ingredients in the micro needle patch are sodium Hyaluronate, Niacinamide, camellia flower extract, Centella, and salicylic acid. 
The second step is the hydrocolloid patch which is like your typical blemish patch and is intended absorb impurities while protecting the skin from external environmental stressors. This patch was pretty comfortable to wear and VERY easy to conceal. It blended in perfectly with my skin and you could barely tell it was their unless you were literally trying to find it lol. The adhesive on this patch is fantastic and will seriously not move until you decide to remove it yourself. It is recommended to apply the patch on a dry surface. So I would recommend not applying after face cream. If you do use a face cream or SPF then wipe off the particular area you plan to apply the patch. This patch comes in two different size options one being fairly big and the other being very tiny. I have pictures above showing each size. Me personally I use the big patches at night because I’m not really going anywhere but to my bed and I use the tiny patches during the day considering there almost invisible to the naked eye. Their is also some pretty fantastic ingredients in this patch. Some of the key ingredients are hydrocolloid, Tea tree, and calendula           ( which is one of my favorite ingredients at the moment). I honestly noticed a difference and overall all improvement in my blemish along the lines of redness, inflammation, and size after the first day using this patch. It definitely helps calm and soothe the area which helps the blemish become less noticeable to others. 
This spot care kit in my opinion is definitely a win. It is super easy and simple to use and actually provides positive results. I can actually see an improvement in the places I decide to use this treatment. In a way it helps me garner a bit of confidence when I get a big blemish because I know I have a spot treatment that can take care of it. From my personal experience I saw my problem areas where I used the patches almost non existent with in a four day period. That’s pretty amazing to me considering it usually takes about 9 days for me to get rid of big problematic blemishes and that’s not even counting the healing process of the scars I get afterwards. I will definitely be getting more of the patches. Their freaking fantastic 🙌🏻🙌🏻. I was honestly a little skeptical when I first came across this product Because I tried so many other spot treatments before hand that did not work. So I sort of had the eye roll in mind when I first got my hands on this product. I’m really happy I decided to give it a chance because it is definitely a keeper in my skincare routine for sure. 

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