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Glam Attack Heavy Armor

This is a quick recap from the review of Lady Gaga's Haus Laboratories highly pigmented,longwearing liquid eyeshadow. This special edition also came with this reusable face mask sticker. The intentention here is to bring next level, professional artistey to any look in a matter of seconds. This reminds me of a mystically sensual approach to a Renaissance Masquerade Ball. Very Vogue when combined with the Armor Wingtips No 1. These undetectable Wingtip stickers and matte black liquid liner make you a pro for the perfect wing every time. This whole package is classy and bold. Very artistically done. You will also find these words written on every package..."We Want You To Love Yourself, Others, And Animals, Too. All Products are Cruelty-Free and Vegan". You Rock On Lady Gaga ! I am impressed by her talents in so many ways.

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  • Nicole Hoffman

    I love Lady Gaga so much! I'm going to check these out right meow! Great post Sally! Sorry I just now only got around to checking on your page! You are doing awesome work!