Getting intimate with *SKINTIMATE, how I love that berry smell

What's up everyone! It's the realest bia coming back with another video review! I honestly hope I don't offend anyone with this video, I know Im not a dime piece or whatever kids call it these days, but this is raw, uncut, unedited, truth. and I hope y'all can just appreciate the product lol. Thanks for viewing!


📣 moisturizing shave gel that combines a refreshing scent of fresh raspberries with 6 moisturizers, including vitamin E and Olive butter, this helps replenish Skin's natural moisture while providing unbeatable razor protection for a close, comfortable shave and a healthy feeling, smooth skin.

📝 wet the area to be shaved. Dispense amount on to fingers, or directly onto the area to be shaved. Gently rub over skin to produce a rich, luxurious leather. And then simply shave. Rinse your skin off after shaving.

🌿 the first five ingredients in this product is water, palmitic acid, triethanolamine, sunflower seed oil glyceride, isopentane

📦 this comes in a 7 oz push dispense/with aerosal. This dispenses as a jel form and lathers into the foam cream

💵 I paid $4 and some change at Wal-Mart

🚫 do not place in hot water or near radiators, stoves or other sources of heat. Do not puncture or incinerate container or star at temperatures over 50 degrees C. Avoid extreme cold. Do not immerse in water. Avoid prolonged exposure to water. Discard upon rusting. Use only as directed. Keep Out Of Reach of children

🤓🗯 my final thoughts on this product are so so simple. If you watched I video I had mentioned that I have been using this stuff since I was like 12 years old and this is pretty much the only brand that I've ever used and trusted. The price is right and I have never had a bad incident with this product that wasn't entirely my fault. When I shave this is it. My husband even uses this over mens shave cream. That's saying something. 10/10

 again thank you for viewing, have you tried any skintimate? What is your favorite kind? Havnt tried it? Hit the I wanna try 😍♥ and leave a comment below for a chance at 156 coins! Follow for a follow ALWAYS ✌ see you next time.

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