Get your eyebrows to look like twins not sisters w/ this pencil

Hey PrismPop, it’s Brooke! 
I’m back with a new video! In this video I’ll show you why Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz eyebrow pencil is my all time fave 😊
It’s a very thin pencil which allows you to be precise when filling in your brows!
The color matches perfectly with the color of my brows! 
It has the pencil on one end and the brush on the other! That makes it so easy having everything in one!
If you wanna try this eyebrow pencil don’t forget to hit “I wanna try” 😍
Let me know your thoughts in the comments ✏️
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  • Amanda Hatfield

    Thanks for the great video. I love the brand but not tried the brow product yet.

  • Holly

    Thanks for the video! I cannot get anything to work right and look natural for my brows besides the powder. I've been using Revlon and ulta brow powders. I brush a little on with the brow brush it comes with and use the spooly to comb through.

  • Tonie

    You make it look so easy! This looks great!

  • sally peabody

    This was great ! The results are perfect...gotta have a brush for sure. Beautiful

  • Amanda Lingle

    I have seen a ton of reviews on anastasia pallettes. But I haven't seen the eyebrow pencil til now. I have thin eyebrows and always looking for a good product to help me out. Love that its a thin pencil and not a big thick one that I have seen. Thinner would help me be more precise. Thanks.

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