Look 1 bmarsz sunset get the look colourpop
Look 2 bmarsz sunset get the look colourpop
Look 3 bmarsz sunset get the look colourpop
Look 4 bmarsz sunset get the look colourpop

Get the Look - Sunset Vibes 🌅

I created this get the look using the YES, PLEASE eyeshadow palette by Colourpop! 
I love this palette because you can get a range of looks while using fun pops of colors! I also thing orange compliments every eye color 🥰
This look I created has a dramatic effect even though it was super easy to apply! 
☀️ 1. Apply “Full Zip” all over lid as a base color with a fluffy brush
☀️ 2. Apply “Big Cocktails” to the out corner of the lid, really buffing it out for a diffused look. Use a fluffy crease brush!
☀️ 3. Apply “Mischief” to the inner part of eyelid, blending into “Big Cocktails” and diffusing  up towards crease. Use a smaller fluffy brush to keep pigment controlled. 
☀️  4. For a softer fox eye effect, I used “french kiss” to make a wing eyeliner and blended it with a cotton swab. 
☀️  5. Under my brow and in the corner of my eye I used a highlighter so it really pops!
And thats it! A super colorful eye look with minimal effort! What’s your favorite eyeshadow palette?
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  • sheena

    Love this look! and it does seem easy for almost anyone to do this look.

  • theresa

    i didnt know what brand yes please was lol as read on i seen that it was colour pop lol. as soon as seen your picture it re minded me of a sunset. job well done . the colors blended so well and Complement .looks so beautiful on your eyes .

  • Midnight Moon

    I really like how you captured the palette. I love this look! It's subtle and bright at the same time! I haven't used too many palettes yet but I Love the LORAC Indulge in White Chocolate Palette; The colors are so beautiful and I believe one of the colors has a momocromatic color

  • Tia kitchens

    The colors are amazing and very complementary to your eyes and your skin tone.

  • Shell🐚Bee🐝

    These colors look gorgeous on you! They really bring out your eye color!!

  • Robin Bell

    Oh this is absolutely lovely it looks like a sunrise

  • Maia

    Well done. Love it.

  • Robin

    Beautiful colors, you look fantastic😍

  • Nikki Marie

    Very pretty I love all the shadow colors you picked and looks like they all played well together. Or your just awesome at blending...

  • Linda Radford

    Now that's some realy cool colors togeather ,I've got to say it realy looks like the sun set or a lovely Unicorns Main.WoW wait a sec add just a few more colors to it ,like blue & Purple then u would have a ( Rain Bow ) Now how cool is that?

  • Kelly K

    Gorgeous girl! Beautiful summer colors! I like a skincare session better than a glam session. I would first start out by cleansing my face with something like Osea ocean cleanser (it's my new favorite!) Then I would get out my new Silkn Titan Anti Aging device and give myself a little pamper session! Once that was over in about 15 minutes, I would put on some serum or toner like Skin Inc Daily Dose of Glow. Next comes a good moisturizer like Touch in Sol All in One Beauty Cream it's so hydrating. Finally I would finish with a primer like Touch in Sol No Pore Blems Primer! Then I'm all set and telling refreshed! Ps a massage and/or facial wouldn't be to bad either! 😁

  • Vonda

    I love this look and the colors look amazing on you with your skin tone very pretty

  • Brenda

    Love it AMAZING JOB! 💯😱

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    Love the review and the colors look great together so I have to keep this in mind and the price of the palette is right up my alley.

  • Ja-Nee

    Beautiful palette. The colors are so pretty and summer vibes!!! I haven't been wearing makeup a lot due to personal reason but as soon as I get everything together, I plan on going all out. LOL

  • Tierney winters

    I love this look. I wish I could figure out how to do this myself . Seems like I’m not very good at blending and always go to far up on my eyelids

  • Katie

    That eye look is sooo beautiful! And that palette you used 😍😍. Would love to do a look like this.

  • Gabyareli Garcia

    You created such a stunning look with this palette! I have two colourpop palettes myself and need to get working on them!

  • Naf

    Flawless makeup! Beautiful. I think I actually have that palette somewhere lol, just need to try it too. I prefer a skincare session because my skin needs hydrating in this warm weather and just because skincare is easier for me than glam session lol. I plan on using an Olay moisturizer, Touch In Sol cream and primer, add some L'Oreal Paris foundation.

  • Denise

    That's beautiful I just love that palette

  • Daisy

    Wow! The look is amazing! I love the blending techniques you used to make them stand out. It looks just like a sunset!

  • Kathy Flores

    This is a awesome look

  • Kelly Frable

    The sunset glow is beautiful on your skin. Their your colors. Love how you did your eyes. Totally amazing

  • Pauline

    Really like the sunset glow on your skin. You nailed it in these pic's that you posted for us. Great soft glowing color and nice brush power. Like what you did with your lip color. Want to try.

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