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Get the Look - Sunset Vibes 🌅

Hey everyone! Back for my 2nd Get The Look, Sunset Vibes edition! 🌅 I used the Yes Please Palette for the entire eyeshadow look 😊
The look includes a small cut crease, thin eyeliner, and sunset-inspired eyeshadows! ❤️💛🧡
If you’re having a hard time creating a cut crease, don’t worry! It took me a while to find the correct cut crease that works for my eye shape, just takes some practicing ☺️
☀️ Step by Step ☀️
1. Shade in your eyebrows and clean up with concealer
2. Apply concealer to eyelid as a eyeshadow base
3. Apply “Big Cocktails” with a fluffy brush  to blend it into your crease and pull it a little bit above the crease (make sure you blend it all the way into your inner corner as indicated)
4. Apply “Spoiled” with a fluffy brush in the outer corner of your eye and blend it into the crease
5. Apply concealer with a flat brush and create a cut crease (tip ✅: apply up until your crease, blink a few times, and then pull up the concealer if the concealer smudges so that you have a cut crease that naturally follows your eye shape!)
6. Pack on “Mischief” from the Yes Please palette and overlay “French Kiss” in the outer corner and blend them together
7. Apply eyeliner and put on eyelashes
8. Highlight inner corners and eyebrow with “Butter Cake” and apply “Big Cocktails” on your lower lash line
9. Apply foundation and concealer as needed
10. Apply blush, contour, and highlight as needed
11. Lightly apply lipstick
And that’s all folks! 🥰 You can intensify this look by densely packing on the eyeshadows more to get more pigment, but this would be a cute look to wear out for simple occasions too ☺️

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  • Robin Bell

    Seriously you take the most amazing photos!!!!

  • Rebecca williams

    I love the natural look! Also very stunning the way you applied it.

  • kathleen williams

    I love this is not too much or too less of sparkle just right

  • Aumberlee

    You look absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • Audrey poeling

    I wanna try

  • Albelis


  • Shannon Pippin

    Love how detailed this is, sunset looks are so fun to play with! Great tips!

  • Yaimy Martinez

    Omg Love this!I want try

  • Tina Rather

    I would SOOOOOO SOOOOOO VERY MUCH LOVE to try this!!

  • Mellinda Thompson

    love this💗

  • Blanca

    Love this natural look! Thanks!

  • Kelly K

    Girl you look absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much for the detailed description of how to create this look. I have a really hard time doing anything with my eyes so this defiantly helps. Also, I never thought of using concealer As a primer. I tried that today and omg it does work nicely. As for the daily questions, I can't really read the names of the eyeshadow shades on your post (my fault not yours) but I would first apply that lighter pink shade as a base on both eyelids. Then I would take Melanie Mills Opalescence and apply that over top. Next, I would take MM Disco Gold and apply under both eyebrows. I would then use MM Rose Gold as a blush apply on my cheek bones. For mascara I would use younquie 4d mascara. As for the lips I would use TOSC cheeky lip pod in Desert then apply MM Deep Gold on top. Finally, to complete the look I would take a little of MM Peach Deluxe and dab some of that awesomeness on my shoulders and across my chest. I just received my Sexy Sampler today and plan on creating a look just like what I mentioned and posting it for everyone. Anyway, thanks again and have a great day!💜

  • Karlee

    This makes me want to go sit out in the sun. Super cute!<3

  • Jen

    Nice pictures! I would use more of the nude/brown colors on my eyes.

  • Naf

    Love it. It looks glamours and natural too. I'd also create a simple look with the Yes, Please palette using soft tones and just highlight areas. I'd use the bronze gold shade with this look because it actually looks pigmented with my skin tone.

  • Raven

    Beautiful! Thanks for the photo tutorial!

  • Joylynn Grindle

    Great review. If I had the yes palette I could make a few different looks with the color options using three colors everytime. Then topping it off with the disc gold Melanie Mills Highlighter for my eyes and the peach for my cheeks.

  • Patricia

    I love this look, it's a natural way to incorporate some red tints, I'd create a look with some of those red tints as well, using the same chart, but will use some of Melanie Mills Highlighters, the Deep Gold or the Bronze as a crease cut, Opalescent on the eye inner corner, and as a highlighter on my upper cheekbones to illuminate, the look would be equally suitable for Summer and Fall in the Fall we can get away with even stronger browns and reds. Thank you for a wondeful tutorial review!

  • Christian Callaway

    The name sunset vibes is so perfect for this look! I love the color combo you used for this look! The eyelashes look so natural and the eyeliner too! I haven't tried this palette yet but I would love to try it out sometime especially for summer looks!🙂

  • Stephanie Esparza

    Thank you for a nice review!

  • Jennifer Henning

    Love these looks. The colors are great. I'd use the butter cream i think it was and one of the brownish colors and see what they would like mixed together. I would of some decent ideas. I've been wearing my purples instead of brown shadows lately. This was a great review and showing of these pallets. Love it all 💕

  • Stephanie Grant

    Wow what a great look and if I was going to use this palette I would definitely try the same thing but I would use a Lipgloss, but I like the colors, thanks for the great information and review

  • Ashley Robinson

    Utter perfection, aim to gain this skill level of application!!

  • Erin Bailey

    Excellent look & tutorial!! I like some of the shades in this palette, some wouldn't work for me. I would try 'Full Zip' as a primer for my entire lid then use 'Note to Self on the outer half of my lid, 'Champs' would go on the inner half of my lid, a very thin line of 'French Kiss' along the upper lash line and then 'Buttercake' just below the brow bone and sweeping down to the crease to meet the other shadows. Lots of blending, liner, & mascara then setting spray.