Get the Gel Polish Look without the UV Light Hassle!

Who doesn’t like the longevity and strength of a gel manicure? But truth be told, they can damage the nails easily and can get very pricey. So I went to the drugstore and found as many “Gel” nail polishes as I can to see if I can get the gel mani look without the hassel and $$$.
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish
This combo comes with a color polish an a gel top coat. The color is very opaque, one layer was enough for me. I just let it dry and applied on the top coat later.
Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy
This is a more glitterly, sheer polish so I had to do 2 coats before applying the corresponding Revlon top coat.
WetnWild 1 Wonder Gel Nail Polish
It claims to not need a top coat, so I applied to layers of the polish and started the 5 minute drying timer for all three polishes.
⏱5 minutes later: the Revlon and Sally Hansen polishes both dried down really well, the WetnWild one was not fulling dry to the touch.
⏱Few hours later: All three held up really well. Based on pigmentation, drying speed and longevity I would rank them (best to worst):Sally Hansen – Revlon – WetnWild.
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