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✨Get That Glow On ✨ Melanie Mills Tester Bag

Heyy Heyy! 
Super excited to have gotten my first tester bag from PrismPop! I received the Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Face and Body Radiance Sexy Sampler, which comes in six stunning shades!

Price: $10
I swatched these shades and shared a picture I took inside and outside just to show how gorgeous they look under different lights. 



✨ Opalescence- This beautiful opal shade gives a nice dewy glow. I really loved this on my skin tone, and since this is usually the shade of highlighter I go for. I use this on the inner corner of my eye, my brow bone, nose and cheek bones for the perfect glow
✨Rose Gold- This beautiful color gave a very natural glow, with the soft creaminess and peachy undertones, adapting perfectly to my skin tone.
✨Peach Deluxe- This shade was a perfect blend of pink and gold shimmers. I used this as eyeshadow and a natural-ish blush glow, as it gave a really nice soft look that instantly brightens your skin, giving you the perfect summer glow.
✨Bronze Gold-This is an alluring, rich bronze look! Sits so perfectly on my skin tone, just the pefect tan you want in the summers. I also used this as a bronzer and even though it's really creamy, it blends straight into your skin! 
✨Deep Gold- This was the creamiest out of all the shades that I tried, yet it felt so light on the skin! Great for a darker eye look, and great to use as a contour, with its rich red undertone, and an overall radiant glow in the summer and spring season
✨Disco Gold- This is a beautiful, shimmery antique gold! Great to mix with your foundation to get that perfect illuminated glow without looking like you have too much on, as it mixes really well. It's also a great color to wear as an eyeshadow, especially to get a nice day time glow!

My Look: 
I used the colors Opalescence, Rose gold and Peach Deluxe to get the look in the picture. I used the Opalescence on the inner corner of my eye, brow bone and cheekbone. Then I used the Peach Deluxe on the lid and it say really well with its creamy texture. Then, I used the Rose Gold on the crease as a great definition shade and the outer lower lashline✨
Overall, I absolutely loved trying these shades out. Honestly, just the texture and how buildable they are make it so easy to try out different looks. I saw a few posts on here and it's great to see how beautiful they look on every skin color and the different undertones are definitely a plus point. 

✨My favourite were definitely the Opalescence, Peach Deluxe and Rose Gold! Help you achieve the perfect sun-kissed glow one could ask for!✨
What's your favourite shade?🖤

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