❤️ Garnier Whole Blends Leave In Conditioner ❤️

I just recently started using Garnier whole blends hair care and the main product that stood out for me was their leave in conditioner. I’m a huge fan of leave in conditioner 🙌🏻🙌🏻 I absolutely love using it no matter what brand I’m using it just honestly works so well with my hair. I was using their sleek & shine leave in conditioner and decided to switch up and give this one a try because it was rather new at least for me and I was of course curious. The whole blend collection has many different options but the one I gravitated towards was their cocoa butter & coconut oil leave in conditioner. It has a nice natural scent to it like natural cocoa butter & it has a very creamy consistency. I like that it doesn’t way my hair down but provides just enough nourishment to leave my hair looking and feeling healthy. This product works great for taming fly always and is a great option for after washing your hair. It helps the process of combing become a tad bit easier. I’m sure that their is probably way better options out their right now but I’ve always stuck with garnier simply because they have great quality hair care at an affordable price range. I admire a brand that can provide a good product without breaking the wallet. 

Benefits of coconut oil: Coconut oil is a natural way to help your hair grow longer, thicker, and faster. The vitamins and essential fatty acids naturally found in coconut oil nourish the scalp and help to remove sebum build-up from hair follicles.

Cocoa butter: If you are trying to let your hair grow, cocoa butter will help you keep it healthy and soft in the process. Much like coconut oil, cocoa butter has healing and softening properties that will make your hair healthy and shiny.


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